Understanding the Master Numbers

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Whenever we see two numbers that repeat themselves, we refer to them as Master Numbers.

Now let’s not be confused and think that those who have a master number are masters of anything! Far from it. When a Master Number appears it is asking those who have it to “master” the intensity of the number that is duplicated.

If you have a master number for your life path number, you are being asked to master the double intensity of the “lesson” associated with that number.

If you have a master number for your expression number (achieved by examining your full birth name) you have double the energy associated with the “talents” of the duplicated number.

If you have a master number for your heart’s desire number (achieved by examining the vowels in your full birth name) this identifies the intensity of your passion related to the duplicated numbers.

When you are born with a master number day of birth (11 or 22) this is considered to be a sub-lesson to your life path number which is the main lesson.

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