What is a Heart’s Desire Number?

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The Heart’s Desire or Soul Urge is a person’s inner motivation. It expresses what they want to be, to have, and to do.

The Soul Urge is 3rd in importance among the four elements. It’s made up of deep inner longings. These longings express matters which appear most important to a person. When a Soul Urge is working harmoniously with the other core factors, it may be very obvious for others to see it. For most of us, our Soul Urge lies just below the surface. We rarely express it openly. Many people don’t even know consciously what their Soul Urge or Heart’s Desire is.

To an outside observer like a Numerologist, the delineation of the Soul Urge often acts as a key to understanding a person’s actions and approaches in their lives. Our Soul Urge often gives us motivation while following our Life Path.

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