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I believe it is by no accident that you have arrived here.

You have likely checked out thousands of Numerologists online, but for some reason, Spirit has guided you here for a reason we have yet to determine.

Yes, I am a Numerologist but I am also an Intuitive. I believe that you are far more than just a life path number! You are a tapestry of many previous lifetimes full of karma and lifetime experiences, all contributing to the journey you are walking on today.

You wrote a soul’s contract for yourself prior to your incarnation. My job is to interpret and unveil your contract so that you can understand the lessons you have chosen to learn.

Trust me! I have learned many lessons along the way! I was born to be a spiritual teacher and through that, I have learned that one of my greatest gifts is my vulnerability. If I have walked a similar path to yours, you’re going to know it! My commitment to you is to keep it real while together we explore what the heck you signed up for in the first place!





Your Numerology Reading should be tailored to your needs. No two readings are the same! They are as unique as your own DNA. So for this reason I am offering you 3 different options to explore your birth code.


There has never been a specialized community devoted to the Master Number 11’s…until now. Join now and be prepared to feel more and more empowered as you learn new skills to help you kick some serious ass as a Master #11!

This is YOUR community. These are YOUR people. THIS is where you belong. 



If you’d like to learn more about Numerology…you’ve come to the right place! I am passionate about teaching! But not everyone learns the same way, so I have created several opportunities to learn YOUR way! Live Webinars? Online? One on one? It’s your call!