When Will You Be Enough?

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So here we are, about 2 weeks deep into the new year.

By now you’ve likely taken down all the festive decorations, thrown out the Christmas cards and possibly re-gifted the stuff you don’t want to eat.

Mental note to self: It’s not cool to attempt to re-gift stuff to the person who gave it to you in the first place! Oops!

Maybe you have created some brand new resolutions for this year. Maybe you are rehashing the same ones over again.

Either way… that strategy is guaranteed to fail.

I get it. It’s the NEW YEAR. But why are we encouraged to leave the previous year behind and start fresh in the new year? Did we learn nothing from the past year?

The word RESOLUTION comes from the words RE-SOLUTION.

RE implies we are REvisiting something that we hoped we’d find a solution for. It implies that something is broken and needs to be fixed.

So here’s a thought…

Rather than always looking at the new year as a time to improve who you are, how about accepting yourself unconditionally for who you are… right now… in this moment… flaws and all.

But many of us live with the dreaded IMPOSTER SYNDROME.

The imposter syndrome happens when we are too busy feeling not good enough. We compare ourselves to others. We find every reason to sabotage our efforts at every turn so we don’t have to accept who we truly are. We vow to do something once we are better educated, experienced or informed.

So here’s a secret you may not know about me. Back in 2014, I suffered from the IMPOSTER SYNDROME. I created my YouTube channel nearly 9 years ago and trust me when I tell you, I didn’t do it willingly.

I was terrified that I’d be trashed by other successful Numerologists. I was sure that I’d be discovered as a fraud. Inside I felt uninformed, not experienced enough, not educated enough, well… basically, NOT GOOD ENOUGH!

I suffered in silence as I trudged on. I just kept creating content and my following grew to over 31,000 subscribers. I hoped that viewers would think it was enough even though I didn’t.

Until one day this happened… I got bitch slapped by Spirit. Spirit downloaded a message to me that changed my life and has the potential to change yours too.

Spirit said, “Don’t you ever worry about not being good enough. Don’t worry about not being smart enough or experienced enough. Don’t worry about letting anyone down or not meeting their expectations. Because at the end of the day, people will only connect with you because of what you already know and who you already are… right now… right here in this moment.”

At that moment I understood that I have always been enough and that there will always be people who need what I know right now! There is no one better than me. There is no one better than you!

We are all needed just as we are, without needing to improve a single thing!

We are divinely perfect in this moment just as we are… until YOU decide that you aren’t.

Now honestly, didn’t that just blow your socks off even just a little?

I mean seriously, we spend so much time and effort hiding behind our masks when we could be expending that energy into accepting our unique beautiful selves.

When will you be enough?

The day YOU CHOOSE to be enough!

Now don’t get me wrong. I totally believe in self-improvement! Why else would we have chosen to reincarnate into this lifetime if we didn’t want to improve in some way?

But here’s the truth… you don’t need New Year’s Resolutions.

I challenge you to focus on how amazing you are… right now… in this moment. Yup. DIVINELY PERFECT… flaws and all.

Nothing changes until you do. Start by choosing to accept that divinely perfect soul that you are.

Has Spirit guided you here?

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