Numerology Master Number 33

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Whenever we see two numbers that repeat themselves, we refer to them as Master Numbers.

The Master Number 33 holds likely the most challenging of the lessons related to the Master Numbers. Those with the Master 33 in their charts are here to master the double intensity of the number 3.

They are here to learn how to express themselves and to teach us all about unconditional love.

They have agreed to master their communications skills while allowing Spirit to channel their creative energy through them.

Master 33s are challenged by extreme hypersensitivity. The double 3s ask them to work hard on expressing themselves authentically with sensitivity. Their inner critic is often dominant and difficult to rise above. They have a huge fear of failure and I believe this comes from an intense need to serve. They fear rejection which, of course, would disable them from being of service. So, the stakes are always high but then so is the bar they set for themselves.

The 33/6 is juggling their need for self-expression (3) with their need for perfectionism that comes from the 6. The 6 vibration looks for excellence in all things so they are often harsh critics of themselves and others. The struggle is real. They need to experience total acceptance and self-love before they can show that to others.

The Master 33/6 is the Master Teacher.

Their goal is to rise above their self-recrimination while finding ways to inspire others to express themselves creatively without judgment.

The 33/6 needs to connect with their own deepest emotions before they can effectively share themselves with the world. Vulnerability is a huge part of the healing process. Their big 6 lesson asks them to embrace vision and acceptance in the world. To accept that the Divine sees us all as divinely perfect souls. Master 33s need to accept the perfection in their own lives so they can inspire others to do the same.

The 33/6 is a teacher but they are also a nurturer often holding unrecognized creative abilities. They are hugely devoted to their families and often struggle with their enormous need for responsibility towards friends and family. They often lose themselves as they put everyone else ahead of themselves.

When the 33/6 develops balance within their sense of responsibility and perfectionism, they can be the most creative, joyful and inspired souls among us.

Writing, singing, dancing, and theatre are all great ways for the 33/6 to gain confidence in their ability to inspire others.

To learn more about the 33/6, check out my video “What is the 33/6 Here to Master?”

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