Numerology Master Number 22

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Whenever we see two numbers that repeat themselves, we refer to them as Master Numbers.

The Master 22/4 is the Master Builder.

Unlike the Master 11s who are inspired by ideas but often have trouble manifesting them into form, the 22/4 has the desire to build foundations that will support humanity.

So here we see the double intensity of the number 2. The 2 relates to learning how to be patient, diplomatic, sensitive and a team player. The 22/4 also knows that they are here to build something that will support humanity but they often fail to deliver because they try to create this by themselves. The fact that their sub-lessons (numbers to the left of the slash before we add them) are 2s, implies a need to partner up with people. They need to collaborate with people who have the same interest in creating a foundation of service. They must learn to work in partnership and be a great team leader in order to create that (4) foundation they so desire.

The 22s are very focused given the end result of the 22 is a 4. The 4 is a planner. They like to be disciplined as they build their foundations from the ground up. They love organization and security. They are really great at following through on what they start.

But there is always a positive and a negative side to each number and 22/4 is not exempt. It is possible for a 22/4 to feel defeated. They can take on a victim role if they don’t live up to their potential. The intensity of the double 2s can cause them to become overly sensitive and reactive. They keep themselves small and will often develop co-dependent tendencies. The influence of the 4 can cause them to be very narrow-minded, rigid in their thinking and unable to be flexible in the face of change.

All Master Numbers have an intense fear of failure given the enormity of the task they have chosen to take on. It is not unusual for master numbers to take their time growing into their roles. There is much to learn before they can really satisfy their dreams to influence humanity in a positive way. They feel tremendous satisfaction when involved in a project that becomes a lasting legacy.

For further information, check out my video “What Does the Master Number 22/4 Really Mean?”

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