Numerology Master Number 11

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Whenever we see two numbers that repeat themselves, we refer to them as Master Numbers.

Let’s explore the Master Number 11.

The master 11/2 holds double the intensity related to the number. Those with this number have twice the need to learn independence, courage, leadership, authenticity, originality, ambition, and a need to be a self-starter. They must master the double intensity of the one lesson before they can really embrace the 2.

The Master 11/2 often struggles when it sits as the life purpose number or day of birth. This is because the double 1’s are the masculine energy that is asking you to be assertive and driven. The final number, that being the 2 is the feminine vibration which is asking you to wait and be patient. It requires you to let things come to you rather than chase them. So, you can see this can be quite a juggling act that will require balancing both energies to feel complete.

The Master numbers are granted to the older souls who hold much cellular memory of previous lifetimes. Master 11’s feel like they are intended to do something much bigger than what they are currently doing. They have trouble staying present in the moment for fear they miss that “special” opportunity to inspire the planet in a profound way. They are at their best when they are inspired and often use their words to inspire others. But frustration looms for them if they refuse to stay present and acknowledge that what they have right now in the moment is good enough.

When Master 11s really embrace their uniqueness, they stop comparing themselves to others which can unleash their amazing creative potential. I often hear Master 11’s say they feel different. They don’t feel they are from here. This can’t be their planet! People just don’t get them. This is in part because the Master 11 fears their own success and will often put on a mask to hide from others. People don’t always connect with the 11s because the 11s show them the mask rather than sharing their true selves.

So, when the Master 11/2 learns to accept themselves, their authentic selves, the planet responds so much more favorably. It can be a tough journey if the 11 chooses to hide from the world they so want to inspire. But what an amazing journey they can have once they choose to just do them.

Note: There are different ways you can be a Master 11. Please check out my video “What Kind of a Master 11 Are You?” for further clarification.

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