Everyone has a need to know what their life purpose is!

Join a fun, supportive community of seekers who are already exploring their spirituality without it having to be a heavy and serious experience.

Has Spirit guided you here?

When you join this community of like-minded seekers, you'll be taking an important step toward answering that BIG question...

Who am I and what the heck is my purpose?

  • Maybe you've been feeling a bit lost, directionless... or even stuck.
  • Maybe you're tired of how exhausting all of this spiritual study stuff can be.
  • Maybe you're just fed up with going it alone.

You have found a community as unique as you are.

Everyone here is a lot like you: they want to feel certain they are living their life free of confusion... and full of clarity.

I want clarity!

Everything you need to discover your soul’s purpose is right here under one roof!

In this thriving community of seekers, you'll find all the tools and support you've been looking for. The more you engage with the community, the clearer your path will become. But everyone is unique and evolves at their own pace.

This isn’t a race! This is an experience to help you gain the clarity you need to be "you". You can join us via your computer, tablet or even on your phone! The choice is always yours.


Learn in a relaxed atmosphere where any level of understanding is welcome.

You deserve to feel supported and accepted at whatever level of spiritual exploration you are at. Spirit brought you here because the universe knows you are a seeker looking for your tribe. Welcome home.

I'm Ann Perry, founder, community leader, numerologist and soul coach.  And I’m so happy Spirit has guided you here. There is no bigger thrill for me than to help you to identify what the heck you are here for!

Let me show you around the community.

Monthly Live Master Classes

Each month, you’ll have access to a live online event where you can personally interact with me and our guest speaker. Our topics are endless and inspiring. Not only that but you'll also have access to all past Master Classes! Here are just a few of the topics you'll find in the community.

All Master Classes include a video, audio and PDF handout.

You've got questions...

4 Live Numerology Classes Each Month

I get it! It's often tough to make the time zones work! So, I will be going live at noon ET and 7pm ET, twice a month. You will have access to the schedule ahead of time so you can update your calendar. Learn more about your numerology chart LIVE! Can't make it? No worries! The replays will always be uploaded into the community archives.

Community Chat Room

Facebook is so yesterday! We have our own private chat room right inside the community! Ask questions. Post your thoughts. Gain new friends! See you in there!

You don’t have to do this alone anymore.

You can expect to be in a relaxed atmosphere where everyone at any level of understanding is welcome.

I'm ready for a supportive community. Let me in!

Here's what members are saying...

Laura Warren, Physic Medium

"Taking courses from Ann feels like spending time with an old friend. The fun and interactive environment she creates allows you to learn about yourself using Numerology as a guiding light. I feel so much more confident about who I am and my path since completing her courses. I learn so much in Ann's "like-minded" community! I always feel safe and supported there! I feel a part of something wonderful!"

- Laura Warren, Psychic Medium

"I am thrilled to be in Ann Perry's "Clarity Seeker's Community". Ann's unique style and direction are always fun and informative. I love how the guest speakers always keep me engaged each month and that I have access to the replays when I can't make the live discussions. There's just a ton of information and inspiration in the community. Highly recommended."

- Thyra Whitford, Master Empath

Thyra Whitford - Master Empath
Timothy Fisher - Musician

"Ann provided me with amazing insights during my reading with her. Her unique perspective on Numerology helped lift my spirits. I had a lot of fun learning from Ann's expertise. Since I first met with Ann, I have made great progress in my life and have learned to avoid pitfalls by following my numerology report each month. I'm really happy to be a part of this community."

- Timothy Fisher, Musician


Let's make this crystal clear...

Monthly Live Master Class with a Guest Seeker

Over 45 Master Classes already in the library

MP4’S of all the Master Classes so you can learn on the go

PDF handouts to support your learning experience

4 Live Numerology Classes each month

Community Chat Room

Monthly Numerology Forecasts

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28-day Soul Coaching Course

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