We each have a desire deep down inside our soul asking us to discover who we truly are.

But many are not prepared to do the work it takes to gain this understanding.

Why? Because the spiritual quest is often a one-person show that can leave you feeling lonely, discouraged and isolated from people who just “get you”. It’s tough going it alone when you have no one to share your journey with.

This is your chance to join a fun, supportive community of seekers just like you.

Spiritual enlightenment doesn’t have to be a heavy and serious experience.

This community is for you if...

  • You are ready to show up and do the work... even when the work feels more like FUN!
  • You understand that change begins with you & that life is not happening to you... it's happening through you and for you. Change is good!
  • You are committed to raising your vibration so others can benefit too.
  • You can see the value in your story & are sometimes willing to be vulnerable if it benefits the group.
  • You truly want to grow in service to humanity rather than humanity being of service to you.
  • You are open-minded and receptive to various teachings & healing modalities.
  • You are a team player who is invested in supporting your community while being excited about everyone's wins!

You have found a community as unique as you are.

Everyone here is a lot like you: they want to feel certain they are living their life free of confusion... and full of clarity.

I want clarity!

You’re here because Spirit guided you here.

Here's the truth. When you are committed to raising your vibration while shining your unique light, everyone benefits. It starts with you... but not you alone.

Everyone benefits from sharing time in a tribe that feels like home. We all have family but sometimes we need to look for our spiritual family.

When you choose to join this community of like-minded seekers, you will finally give yourself permission to…

  • Drop that mask of conformity you may have been wearing. It’s ok to be you!
  • Surround yourself with energetically sensitive people who welcome sensitivity rather than telling you, You’re TOO sensitive!”
  • Explore endless master classes that speak YOUR language and to your challenges!
  • Start feeling like this just may be your planet after all!
  • Share time with others who understand and appreciate what it means to be energetically connected.
  • No longer feel like you don’t fit in because you’re different. We prefer to believe we are unique.

Everything you need to support your spiritual growth is right here under one roof!

In this thriving community of seekers, you’ll find all of the tools and support you’ve been looking for. The more you engage with the community, the more illuminated your path and purpose will become. And we respect that everyone is unique and evolves at their own pace.

This isn’t a race! It’s a journey that is meant to be shared.

This is an experience to help you gain the clarity you need to just be YOU. You can join us via your computer, tablet or even on your phone on the go. The choice is always yours.

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Learn in a relaxed atmosphere where any level of understanding is welcome.

This may be new to you but you deserve to feel supported and accepted at whatever level of spiritual exploration you are at. Spirit brought you here because the universe knows you are a seeker looking for your tribe.

Welcome home.

Monthly Live Master Classes

Each month, you’ll gain access to live online ZOOM events where you can personally interact with me, your fellow members, and our guest speakers. You can participate as much or as little as you like. Our topics are endless and inspiring. Can’t make the master classes? No worries! We record them so you can access them when it works for you. Not only that but you’ll also have access to a full library of past Master Classes! Here are just a few of the topics you’ll find in the community...

All Master Classes include a video, audio and PDF handout.

Why Would You Want to Access Your Akashic Records?

This is just one of the amazing Master Classes you will find in the community. Join me and Akashic Record Reading Expert, Annette Dalloo as we explore the reasons why you may want to access your Akashic Records. Who were you in a previous lifetime?

Check it out now for free >

Upcoming in the Community

Sunday, March 3rd, 7pm ET: Do you have an interest in Psychic Mediumship? Do you have questions for the other realms? Join Glen Bacon as he opens up to his Guide Team on behalf of whoever is present. This fascinating process is ... Read more
Monday, April 8th, 2024 @ 6pm ET: What if some of the patterns in your life didn’t start with you? The Family Constellation Approach is an effective therapeutic process that is becoming one of the most rapidly expanding forms of ... Read more
Monday, April 15th at 3pm ET: Are you struggling physically? Is your body cooperating? Are you giving your body what it is asking for? Sometimes it is an energetic or spiritual issue. Sometimes it is emotional or mental issues. Sometimes ... Read more
Tuesday, April 23rd at 7pm ET: What if a shift in our well-being was possible and easy? Would you believe it? Would you be willing to do it? Supporting our well-being beyond the physical requires attention, awareness and intuition (among ... Read more

There are so many ways to stay connected...

Facebook is so yesterday! We have our own private chat room right inside the community. Ask questions. Post your thoughts. Share inspirational memes or maybe a book you just can’t put down.

Members are LOVING this new feature! Our Members' Open Mic Forums are designed to be unstructured and organic. This is a chance to express yourself with your fellow seekers. Maybe you want to continue the conversation on a Master Class you just watched. Maybe you just want to hang out and listen in. It’s all good and it’s your space! PS: We often have our own Psychic Medium doing readings in this open forum.

Do you love Oracle cards? We do too! During our Oracle Shares, everyone brings their favorite deck to show the group. Once all of the decks have been shown, you get to pick which deck you’d like a card drawn from. After your card has been pulled and the description shared, we open it up to the members to practice their intuitive skills adding more insight for you to consider. So much fun! Don't have a deck of your own? No worries! We are all happy to share our decks with you.

Join us in our specialized Community Circles that are devoted to various discussions including Astrology, Human Design, Gene Keys, Life Coaching, and Neurolinguistic Programming. More Circles are being added all the time!

If Numerology is your bag, awesome! Take advantage of recorded classes each month that will keep you asking for more! And remember we also have scheduled live Numerology discussions each month where you can get your questions answered.

Access the community from anywhere on any device.

You don’t have to do this alone anymore.

And really, why would you want to? You can expect to be in a relaxed and casual atmosphere where everyone at any level of understanding is welcome. Heck, some even show up in their jammies! All goooood!

I'm ready to meet my tribe!

Here's what members are saying...

Annette Dalloo

"If you are looking for an engaging community to support you on your spiritual path, The Clarity Seekers community is it. In my practice, I always hear people say that they feel so alone on this journey, and they have no one in their life to who they can talk about what they are going through. Ann has created a community that is not only full of people that support each other, but that helps you excel in developing your spiritual gifts. Bring your vulnerability and your openness, and you will soar with the support of this community."

- Annette Dalloo, Akashic Record Conduit, Channel and Divine Connection Coach

"I have really enjoyed being a part of the Clarity Seekers Community. The variety of subject matter we learn, from numerology to other expert-taught classes like Akashic Records to Aliens, has been fascinating. Ann's insightful guidance has provided us with real tools to use for our growth. This community has literally changed my life and I am so blessed to have found a group of like-minded people all at an incredibly amazing price. I would highly recommend this community to anyone looking to find themselves."

- Rose Ford

Rose Ford
Lynn Bridge

"I joined Clarity Seekers almost a year ago and I am so happy I did. I was looking for a teacher that could help break down numerology in a fun and easy way. Ann did not disappoint. She offers a variety of classes each month teaching numerology in a fun, easy way to understand, and with an opportunity to apply the numbers to real-life situations. Not only do we learn about numerology but Ann brings in different guest speakers to talk about other modalities to add to our toolbox in exploring this journey of life. The community has amazing people who share their thoughts and stories. Ann makes sure it is a safe place to share, learn and grow together as a community. If you are looking for a group and teacher that holds space and love for all personalities without judgement, I highly recommend you join us in the group!"

- Lynn Bridge

"Ann provided me with amazing insights during my reading with her. Her unique perspective on Numerology helped lift my spirits. I had a lot of fun learning from Ann's expertise. Since I first met with Ann, I have made great progress in my life and have learned to avoid pitfalls by following my numerology report each month. I'm really happy to be a part of this community."

- Timothy Fisher, Musician

Timothy Fisher - Musician
Laura Warren, Physic Medium

“Taking courses from Ann feels like spending time with an old friend. The fun and interactive environment she creates allows you to learn about yourself through a myriad of courses designed to enlighten us. Numerology is but one of the modalities she shares to help you see yourself in a different light. I feel so much more confident about who I am and my path since completing her courses. I learn so much in Ann’s “like-minded” community! I always feel safe and supported there! I feel a part of something wonderful!”

- Laura Warren, Psychic Medium

"I am thrilled to be in Ann Perry's "Clarity Seeker's Community". Ann's unique style and direction are always fun and informative. I love how the guest speakers always keep me engaged each month and that I have access to the replays when I can't make the live discussions. There's just a ton of information and inspiration in the community. Highly recommended."

- Thyra Whitford, Master Empath

Thyra Whitford - Master Empath

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