2023 Numerology Forecast

2023-1 (1)

Goodbye, 2022! OMG! Don’t let the door hit you on the way out!!

2022 was, dare I say for many of us, INTENSE! Talk about an overdose of family drama, domestic obligations, and responsibility akin to that of a girl guide on steroids! Yeah. 2022? Not a fan.

So how will 2023 be different? Well, after a solid year of focusing on how to be of service and meeting all the demands of your home and family, 2023 will be asking you to get into your time-out chair.

That’s right people! Getting into your time-out chair is a GOOD THING!!

2023 is all about YOU, baby!

2023 will be asking you to…

  • Go inward.
  • Reflect upon where you are and where you’d prefer to be.
  • Consider what you need to do to bring healthy change into your life.
  • Listen. This is not a time to talk but rather a time to get quiet so you can receive Divine guidance.
  • Give yourself permission to spend absolutely necessary alone time.
  • Meditate and get to the root of what you really want.
  • Ponder what happiness means to you. Are you happy?
  • Become the quiet observer.
  • Be on the lookout for a mentor you can trust.
  • Practice surrendering and trusting in the universe.
  • Tap into your spiritual self and create a spiritual practice/routine that you can commit to.

This is YOUR year. This is a well-deserved pause from the demands of last year.

You won’t see this energy again until 2032! So make it count. Step back from the noise of day-to-day life and get serious about who you want to be.

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