It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year… Not!

confused man

If you’re like me, you pay attention to things like Mercury Retrogrades!

I never fail to mark on my calendar when they start and when they finish. And for the record, Mercury went retrograde on September 9th and will be in this funky place until October 2nd when it finally goes direct.

NOTE!! I seldom EVER bring up the subject of Astrology as I prefer to leave that to the experts. But I DO observe this crazy planetary lineup so I chose to share my insights with you.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with this planetary alignment, here is a quick 101 on what this means.

“The Mercury Retrograde is a time when it would “appear” that Mercury is actually traveling backwards but this is an optical illusion. Astrologers often advise that we avoid travel, sensitive communication, and making decisions during Mercury retrogrades. Technology often breaks down. Flights are often delayed and/or canceled. Texts are often misinterpreted. It’s just not a good time to start something new because agreements made during this time are likely to shortchange one party or the other. It’s also a great opportunity for disagreements between loved ones, so astrologers caution discretion in interpersonal discussion.”

So, we can’t make any decisions during this time?

This topic is dear to my heart because I am making some HUGE decisions during this time. I am throwing caution to the wind while making a HUGE (did I mention HUGE?) investment! Say what? Ann! You know better!!

That is correct. I do know better. But I have decided to tap into something that NEVER fails me even during the most challenging of planetary alignments: my intuition.

See here’s the thing. Shit happens. Planets often shift into difficult alignment and this timeline is no exception. But the one thing that remains consistent is your intuition. That place in your gut that tells you right from wrong is always active and can always be counted on.

Now I’m not gonna lie. I feel the effects of the retrograde but this time I have chosen to give my intuition the benefit of the doubt rather than investing energy into fear of the retrograde. I am choosing to tap into a consistent guiding force that never lets me down when I call on it.

As you believe… so it is. RIGHT?! Believe that when you ask your intuition for guidance, the absolute BEST can and will be yours!

Knowledge is power.

The more informed you are, the better-informed decisions you can make. But are these planetary alignments paralyzing you so you fear making choices? Are you choosing to be held hostage?

Remember… you were not born listening to fear. You were TAUGHT to listen to it!

Tips to get you through this challenging timeline

  • Before making a decision, tune into how you feel rather than how you think. Your heart will always guide you in a positive direction.
  • Be aware of planetary alignments but recognize they are fleeting. Don’t invest too much energy into them.
  • Don’t overthink it. Overthinking causes paralysis by over-analysis.
  • Is the decision you need to make necessary to make right now or can it wait for the clouds to clear?
  • Your intuition is consistently on duty 24/7. Remember to tap into it!
  • Fun fact… when we overthink things, we are too invested in our heads. When we are too far into our heads, we are disconnected from our hearts. This causes us anxiety because we have abandoned our connection to Spirit. ET CALL HOME ALREADY!
  • Bring yourself up to date with a Numerology reading or even an Astrology reading. Understanding the cycles that are influencing you can be so liberating! Cycles are just that – timelines that feel endless until a professional sheds some light on them for you.

Has Spirit guided you here?

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