Are You Getting Enough Six?


Are you getting enough six or have you been yearning for more?

Recently, I was reminded by a friend just how out of balance my life has become. It’s a thing!

Especially under the universal umbrella of a 6 universal year. (2+0+2=2=6 Universal Year)

I’ve immersed myself so much into work that I forgot how to let my hair down and have fun. I was having TOO MUCH SIX!

Maybe you can relate.

  • Work is your biggest priority.
  • Making time for your kids and family is a challenge.
  • You are constantly checking your cell phone because you just never know what issue might need to be fixed.
  • You are the extreme perfectionist who is obsessed with getting it right.
  • You take on far more responsibility than is rightfully yours.
  • You get overwhelmed at the thought of taking time off.

OK. It’s confirmed. You, my friend, are getting way too much SIX!

Let’s explore the positive and negative sides of the number 6, shall we?

You know you’re getting enough SIX when…

  • You are balanced in both family & work relationships.
  • You can walk away when the cutlery doesn’t all match.
  • You can confidently delegate responsibilities to others without having a major meltdown.
  • You can show compassion rather than judgment when your Grandmother puts eyeshadow on her lips and lipstick on her eyes.
  • You can leave your cell phone at home while gifting yourself a time out from it all.

You know you are getting TOO MUCH SIX when…

  • You check your phone for messages before your 1st coffee.
  • Your need for perfection outweighs your Mom’s need for perfection.
  • You can’t take off your cape and tights even for a moment.
  • You secretly judge every person you see in the mall.
  • You live to work and you work to live rather than doing what you love and loving what you do.
  • You always do the right thing rather than doing what you “feel” is the right thing.

Does any of this sound familiar?

How Can the SIX be Affecting You Right Now?

If your Life Path Number (or day of birth) is a 6, then you are likely working on overcoming the negative demands of the 6. The life path number shows you the lessons you have agreed to work on.

If your Expression Number is a 6 then you have the gifts associated with being a six. This is where you find your talents.

If your Heart’s Desire Number is a 6 then you may struggle with striking a happy balance between the positive and negative values of the 6. The Heart’s Desire shows us what we are passionate about.

If you are in a personal year, month or long-term cycle or essence of 6, this is an indication that the energy of the 6 will be dominant during that timeline rather than being a fixed feature of your birth chart.

To learn more about the 6 vibration, check out my resource here.

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