Learn What Your Highlight Year Is!

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I’m going to share with you something most Numerologists never talk about. And as many of you know… I’m not like most Numerologists so I love sharing this stuff with you!

A few weeks ago, I shared with you the concept of a ‘shoulder season’ observed in Numerology. Many of you are familiar with the 9-year epicycle observed in a Numerology chart. But if you aren’t familiar with the 9-year cycle you can learn more check out my video “The 9-Year Epicycle – Understanding the Personal Year you are in”.

So, each year, in and around October, we all begin to feel a shift from the year we are currently in, to the year we are going into in January. This is called a ‘shoulder season’. From January until the end of April, you are still feeling the full vibration of your previous personal year.

But did you know that your personal year also has a “HIGHLIGHT” to it? Highlight Year Numbers identify the progress you are making on your life’s journey. They help us to see the progress we are making in our personal and professional lives.

Here’s a guide to figure out which Highlight Year you are in and what that means.

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