How Repeating Numbers Express Themselves

repeating (1)

Why do I keep seeing repeating numbers? And what do they mean?

ONE Leader, initiator, independent, self-starter, pioneer, inventor Domineering, co-dependence, Self-centered
TWO Sensitive to others, peacekeeper, diplomatic, patient, diplomatic Hypersensitive, shy, uncertain, isolated, co-dependent
THREE Warm, friendly, creatively expressive, imaginative, humorous Scattered energy, insecure, unsocial, low self-esteem
FOUR Planner, disciplined, focused, practical Inflexible, stubborn, limited thinking
FIVE Versatile, easy-going, adaptable, clever, flexible, traveler Overindulgent, unsettled, ungrounded, erratic, addicted
SIX Responsible, nurturing, sympathetic, kind, compassionate, service-oriented Perfectionists, idealists, critical, demanding, judgmental, martyr
SEVEN Introspective, analyst, spiritual, studious, teacher Aloof, lone wolf, deep thinker, self-doubt, reserved, isolated
EIGHT Ambitious & confident, dependable, successful, manager, supportive Money-focused, power-hungry, impatient, bossy, demanding
NINE Humanitarian, selfless service, social, romantic, empath, sensitive Suspicious, jealous, resentful, frustrated with humanity overall

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