A Delicate Balance between our Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine Energies


Most people in my neighbourhood would say, “That’s just a bunch of Shit Hawks hanging out in the boat slip!”

10 years ago I moved down to the Eastern Shore from the city. My opinion of “Shit Hawks or Flying Sea Rats” has changed dramatically since sharing space with them.

This morning I was struck by this image I saw outside my office window. I paused to take in what I was seeing.

If you take a moment to quiet your mind and simply be present, what you are looking at can be similar to an Oracle card you pull from a deck.

Rather than seeing this as a bunch of “Shit Hawks” feasting in the boat slip, I pondered the message in it. What was this image asking me to see differently?

First I notice all the green growth and from that new growth, purple Lupins reach to the sky. The green symbolizes my own personal growth and the purple relates to my spiritual growth.

You might notice that it’s a foggy day which implies I need to look at things a little more closely.

Next, I see all of the Seagulls feasting on a not-so-yummy piece of rotten fish. I found it interesting that they typically fly around all day in pursuit of rotting stuff on the beaches. But today they patiently waited for the fishermen to toss them their breakfast.

I’d like to note that prior to their hero (you know, the guy in hip waders) arriving with their breakfast, they made their presence known by stomping their feet on our roof above our bedroom at 5:30 am. I honestly believe that they intuitively knew to wait because something great was about to happen.

I’m not lying when I say my house looks somewhat like a Gingerbread House with the icing dripping off the roof.

The point I’m trying to make is that they didn’t go after their breakfast. They waited quietly (Who am I kidding here?! There is NOTHING quiet about hungry seagulls!) So ok… they eagerly waited for someone to feed them. They TRUSTED that food would come. They instinctively knew that they didn’t have to go after their breakfast. Hmmm… maybe there’s a lesson in this after all.

It reminded me of a lesson I am working on this year and one that I know you may be struggling with too.

This year is a delicate balance between stepping into our Divine Masculine energy while still leaving room for our Divine Feminine energy to surface.

These are dance moves this Aries continues to struggle with!

What do you mean I can’t just go after what I want?!

What do you mean I have to sit back patiently waiting for the universe to bring it to me?

Who can relate?

But that is what 2023 is all about, people!

We are all jockeying for the balance between making shit happen and waiting for shit to come.

2023 is a 7 universal year which is a Divine masculine energy. But it also asks us to trust that what is best for us will be given to us when the time is divinely perfect.

According to Ted Andrews, the message from the Seagull says this …

“Do not force, push or try to argue your way into anything new. It will have the opposite effect and close the door on your efforts. Tone down any bravado and other ostentatious behaviors. That is when others will notice and embrace your efforts.”

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