Your Birth Name is Creating Your Reality

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In 2003, I was suffering with depression. I saw no light at the end of the tunnel. I was so unhappy. I wanted to leave my husband, my family, my home and all the things that were once important to me. Maybe you can relate?

I was trapped in my home-based business. I couldn’t leave my home because that’s where our sole source of income was coming from.

To say I was in a dark place is an understatement. But like most things, the depression eventually lifted and I was able to function again.

Little did I know that a chance encounter with a client of mine would change the trajectory of my life. I was introduced to Numerology – The Complete Guide by Matthew Oliver Goodwin. I would never see my life the same way again.

Matthew’s masterpiece introduced me to the concept that our birth name illuminates how we experience each year. Naturally, I had to explore why 2003 had been such an incredibly dark year for me. The term “shit show” applies here.

How can your birth name help you to see the light at the end of the tunnel?

The theory is that we choose the vibration of our birth name prior to our birth. We then telecommunicate this vibration to the one who names us when we are born.

This vibration includes the talents and gifts we choose to bring with us to support our lessons. You know … those annoying lessons you’d sooner live without? Those ones. BUT the vibration of your birth name (the one you chose!) also shows you how you will experience your personal year in a very unique way. This is called your essence. BONUS!

In 2003 I was in a 6 personal year. The 6 year emphasizes home, family and, dare I say, a wee bit of family drama. Well, that sure fit. But what blew me away was when I learned I was in a 19/1 essence all through my 6 personal year.

  • The 19/1 essence causes us to feel severely independent. Check.
  • We stubbornly refuse to ask for help. Check.
  • We go it alone. Check.
  • We do everything in our power to hide the pain we are in. Check.
  • We keep our cards close as we sink down a dark hole, alone, directionless and in pain. OMG! Double CHECK!

Had I known that this crappy essence would start in March of 2003 and would end in April 2004, I would have gone through it much differently! If I had known there was a light at the end of this very dark tunnel, I would have navigated the year differently. But I didn’t know so I suffered because I saw no hope.

What do you need to know about essences?

Unlike your personal year which begins January 1st and ends December 31st, an essence begins on your birthday and usually ends the day before your next birthday. It can however last for as long as 9 years.

  • Essences place spotlights on your personal year. They create laser focus so you can tackle the obstacles OR the benefits the essence brings.
  • Essences can reveal when you are being asked to clear karmic debts.
  • Essences will feel different depending upon the personal year you are in.
  • Essences can help you to plan in alignment with your personal cycles. For example, you may not want to start something new with a 9 essence at play.

These are but a few benefits you can gain from understanding how your birth name is affecting your personal year.

So, if you are going through a particularly challenging year, it may be time to explore the essence you are in. When did it start and, more importantly, when will it end?!

Here is a video I created a while back that will give you more clarity related to understanding your essences. Take it from me. There is light at the end of any dark tunnel.

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