Welcome to Your Shadow Season

walking in shadow

Are you feeling like you have one foot in one door and one foot in another? Are you chomping at the bit just waiting for this year to be over? Congratulations! You are identifying with your unique shadow season.

Every year, around October/November, we each feel a bit restless. We can feel that change is coming. We know this deep in our souls. But this restlessness is unique for everyone depending upon what personal year you are currently in.

Let me help you to determine what your shadow season means to you personally.

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Numerologists observe that our personal year begins on January 1st and ends on December 31st. The personal year holds a unique vibration or theme. This is an energy that is somewhat predictable in nature.

We start with a full cup of whatever your personal year is on January 1st. This predictable energy spills out over your calendar each day until we reach October/November. The cup is now nearly empty so it begins to fill up with the next coming year’s energy. Now we have one foot in the current year and one foot stepping into the next year.

To determine the personal year you are in …

  • Reduce your month of birth to a single digit.
  • Reduce your day of birth to a single digit.
  • Reduce the current year to a single digit.

Example: December 24th

December = 12   1+2=3
24th day = 2+4=6
2023 = 2+0+2+3=7

Now add 3+6+7=16  1+6 = 7
You are in a 7 personal year.

Next, let’s look at how the shadow of each personal year will be affected by this shift.

Personal year of one.

If you are currently in a personal year of one, you have been feeling pretty ambitious this year. You’ve likely had more energy than usual and a big interest in starting new things. But as you shift into the shadow of next year’s 2 personal year, you are starting to lose steam. It’s no longer just about you anymore. It’s about you and one other person. The one personal year has been all about who you were; the 2 personal year will be about partnerships and collaborations. Your energy is making a huge shift to something less ambitious. Patience will be a virtue.

Personal year of two.

If you are currently in a personal year of two, you may have felt the need to rest and restore after the busy year of one last year. You may have felt less inclined to be independent and more inclined to spend time in quiet, more intimate relationships. As you shift into the shadow of next year’s 3 personal year, your energy will return encouraging you to be more social and communicative. This will be a welcome time to expand your social life after a year of solitude.

Personal year of three.

If you are currently in a personal year of three, you may have enjoyed a socially engaging year. Your creative juices have been flowing. You may have needed to express yourself differently. Maybe writing, decorating or even expressing yourself through your wardrobe. This has been a busy year with lots of activity but as you shift into the shadow of the 4 personal year, it’s time to get back to work. The 4 vibration will cause you to feel the need to get focused on your work and develop a solid plan to keep you more grounded and practical.

Personal year of four.

If you are currently in a personal year of four, you may have spent a lot of time focused on your work. You may have been developing new strategies to keep you organized and on track. You may have resisted the opportunity to play in favor of working hard. As you shift into the shadow of the 5 personal year, you will begin to feel restless. You’ve been cooped up for too long! It’s time for adventure and change. Be careful not to squander your money as you will definitely feel like breaking free! Try to maintain a balance of the foundation you created this year with the need for freedom you’ll be seeking next year.

Personal year of five.

If you are currently in a personal year of five, you likely had your share of change and unexpected events this year. The energy of this year was calling you out to play after a year of structure and commitment. The 5 is a fast-paced, anything-goes kind of year. But as you begin to shift into the shadows of the 6, you will begin to feel like you need to tighten the reins. You can sense that it’s time to become a bit more responsible, especially for your home and family. The 5 vibration can have a selfish influence on self-indulgence whereas the incoming 6 is more of a selfless influence.

Personal year of six.

If you are currently in a personal year of 6, you’ve likely felt the pull toward the needs of your family. Everyone wants a piece of you! The demands can be great. This has been a year of responsibility toward your home and family. Maybe your Mom or Dad wasn’t doing well and needed your assistance more than normal.  As you begin to shift into the shadows of the 7 personal year, you will have a big need to retreat. You are so done with everyone else’s drama. Your cave is calling you. You need time alone, to reflect and meditate. This influence will increase the closer you get to the new year.

Personal year of seven.

If you are currently in a personal year of seven, you’ve likely felt the need to spend a lot of time alone. This has been a time of quiet reflection and introspection. You are taking time out to review the past 6 years. You’ll be taking inventory of your life while assessing the direction you are going in. As you shift into the shadow of the 8, your need to be alone will lessen and you will finally step out of your head! The time you spent in introspection has been useful as you now have clarity on what you hope to manifest in your 8 year. This shadow season will be asking you to jump in! Best to wait until the complete shift into the 8 personal year before making any big decisions you may second-guess in your 7 personal year.

Personal year of eight.

This is likely my favorite shift! Last year’s 7 personal year was intense as it may have left you feeling a bit directionless and unsure of making a decision. But when you shift into the 8 personal year, you finally have the clarity you’ve been missing. Your confidence comes back. You are all hands on deck ready to manifest your dreams. The 8 vibration encourages you to step into your power. It helps you to set healthy boundaries as well as maintain them. But as you shift into the shadow of the 9 personal year, you may sense it’s time to wrap things up. You’ll begin to feel the need to put an end to things. You begin to explore what has been holding you back.

Personal year of nine.

And so it is. If you are currently in a 9 personal year, you’ve likely been experiencing a need to purge many areas in your life. You likely felt the need to declutter your home. You may have been looking at releasing personal relationships that no longer serve you well. Or you may be examining some of your limiting beliefs. You intuitively feel the need to release that which no longer fits. As you begin your shift into your one personal year, you may be feeling eager to start something new. Your energy returns and your interest is all about planting seeds for your future. Try to hold back from launching anything new in a 9 personal year. Take advantage of the 1 vibration coming very soon for you.

Remember … you will only see your personal year once in a 9-year cycle. You need to know what your personal year is all about. This is an easy roadmap to follow. Stop going aimlessly from one year to the next. You now have a plan.

Here’s another need-to-know fact …

When you reach January of any given year, you will also be influenced by the effects of your previous personal year up until about the 1st of April. So you will, in effect, have one foot in the last year and one foot in the current year.

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