2024 Numerology Forecast

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How prepared are you for 2024? I want to give you a heads-up that for you to crush 2024 (in the very best way possible) you will need to dust off your tights and cape. It’s going to be that kind of year.

2024 promises to pack a punch given it’s an 8 universal year.

But if you play it right … 2024 could be your best year EVER! Here’s what you need to know … Given that 2023 was a 7 universal year and has had us all in our heads, it’s time to put into motion all that we were pondering in 2023.

2024 will be like a year on STEROIDS!

Here’s what’s in store for us.

  • The 8 vibration observes the law of cause and effect. Often what rolls out in an 8 universal year is as a result of decisions made years before. We will see the consequences of the actions taken years before.
  • 2024 will see a focus on financial & material gain, financial advancement, success in business and investments. This can also include big fluctuations in the money markets as well.
  • This energy will be great for career advancement that requires more management and leadership opportunities.
  • This is an energy that promotes power & confidence, allowing you to stand in your power or possibly reclaim your power.
  • This is the year to set goals and pursue them!
  • Although the 8 is about success, it also stresses the need for balance. Manage your money and time more effectively.
  • On a global scale, there’s undoubtedly going to be a focus on global economic conditions. Financial markets will be highlighted in the news.
  • Global power dynamics will come to light. This could include struggles for power among global leaders and escalated need for power reflected in the wars. There could even be a sudden change in leadership.
  • There will be a heightened awareness of the need for balance and justice on a global scale.
  • Technological and business advancements are common under the influence of 8.

What’s your best approach to 2024?

  • Step away from the news. Bad news sells. Trust me, someone will fill you in if it’s that important to know.
  • Be your own best Super Hero. Keep your vibes running high so you can soar above the drama that is inevitable next year.
  • Stay positive! You are always creating your reality by the way you choose to respond to EVERYTHING. Make good choices.
  • Maintain an attitude of gratitude … even when the going gets tough. Give thanks for the lessons.
  • Remember that the 8 is about empowerment and empowerment happens when you get the lesson that the universe is hurling at you.
  • Stay focused on what you want rather than on what you don’t want. The planet is depending on you to maintain a positive vision for humanity. As corny as it sounds, love is all we need. Mother Nature needs your love too.

How Will Your Personal Year Be Affected by 2024?

The universal year is calculated by adding up the numbers in the year: 2024= 2+0+2+4=8. The universal year is an umbrella influence to the personal year you are in.

To determine which personal year you are in, simply add your month of birth to your day of birth and add the universal year of 8 to it. For example: Nov 26th. 1+1+2+6+8= 18 1+8=9 No need to observe master numbers here.

So let’s begin by examining the general theme for 2024.


This is all about new beginnings and new ambitious energy. The 8 universal year will turbocharge your efforts to get moving. This is a time to plant some seeds especially as it relates to building a business, focusing on your career and just general interest in your money. It will also support you to set healthy NEW boundaries with people as you begin to examine how you may have been giving your power away previously. This offers you a wonderful new start.


Those in the personal year of 2 may find themselves entering into partnerships for the sake of financial success. This will be an excellent time to shift the focus away from just yourself but to shift it on to achieving shared goals. Once again, the 8 universal year will be supporting partnerships to ensure success.


Those in the personal year of 3 will be naturally inspired to express their creative sides. This creativity may be focused on financial rewards related to whatever creative projects you have created. It’s a great time to promote your creative ideas that will offer financial rewards.


Those in a 4 personal year will be supported in creating a step-by-step plan to ensure success. This would be a great year to re-visit your financial portfolio and to come up with a plan for financial success moving forward. The 8 universal year is about manifestation but manifesting begins with a plan. Your ability to focus on a plan and to see it through to the end will be emphasized this year.


Those in a 5 personal year will be looking for a bit more excitement this year. Last year you may have felt a bit stuck but this year is “go time” again. You will need to stay open to new opportunities that will encourage change and foster financial growth and rewards. You will need to remain flexible and adaptable to be able to roll with the sometimes scattered nature of the 5 personal year.


Those in a 6 personal year will be asked to focus on achieving financial success while also maintaining balance in their personal life. You may feel pulled in 2 different directions as you try to establish a balance between your family responsibility and your work responsibility. This year may bring in a bigger need for perfectionism so the need for balance will be even more so. This may also bring in an interest in your physical home. Is it time to move? You may be considering the costs involved with staying where you are or downsizing. Maybe renovating? Or possibly considering the financial needs of your family.


Those in a 7 personal year may be offered an opportunity to balance their spiritual interests with material success. This would be a great year to develop a business related to your interest in spirituality. It’s a time to start integrating your inner wisdom with more practical achievements. Grounding will be necessary. Maybe you have been thinking of creating a spiritual business. This is a year to fine-tune it. Do your research but you may want to wait until next year to launch. Take advantage of the universal year of 8 influence this year and then go for it next year in your personal year of 8.


Those in an 8 personal year have won the lottery this year! 8 on an 8 is a lovely vibration to have. This is a personal year of 8 on steroids! This combination will be really great for all things related to management, business and leadership. This is a year to look at where you are financially and to create a new plan for financial success if necessary. This is a great energy to pursue your goals in. Be careful not to be overbearing in this year. This is a strong vibration that will bring in more confidence and courage. Think before you speak.


Those in a 9 personal year will be looking to tie up loose ends this year. This is the year of endings while you make room for new beginnings next year. This is a time to create space for new things. You may feel the need to clear up some debt this year. Get your finances in better shape. You may also be exploring where you’ve become someone’s doormat. It’s time to take back your power. This will be a time to assess the company you keep. Are these people building you up or tearing you down? If they are disempowering in any way, it’s time to let them go. Whatever is standing in the way of you standing in your own personal power and authority may need to go. This is your final opportunity to clean up after 8 years of life experience. Create space so you can travel light next year.

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