Numerology Number 9 – Life Path, Birth Day & Personal Year

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The number 9 is a very special energy. I feel that it is that of an old soul. You just feel comfortable and safe when you are with a 9 vibration. They are the ones who hold old soul wisdom. These are the healers among us. Those with a life path number 9 or those born on the 9th, 18th or 27th are humanitarians. They are always focused on the welfare of the other guy. They enjoy seeing people succeed because nothing gives them more pleasure than helping someone to help themselves. Did I mention they are the extreme fixers? 9’s love to find solutions to problems.

Those with 9 energy in their charts generally have a concern for humanity and the environment. They are just socially conscious people. They have a huge appreciation of the outdoors and are often recycling experts! Their interest in helping others goes well beyond their own communities. Their vision is often global.

9’s can have a really hard time releasing and letting go of things. Why throw it out when someone might need this?! It’s often difficult for 9’s to let go of things due to them being so incredibly sentimental. They often have a hard time forgiving and forgetting because they have the memory of an elephant.

The 9 is the extreme opposite of the 1. Where the 1 has a focus on themselves and their personal success, the 9’s need to focus on others while finding ways to help them to help themselves.

Those with 9 energy are leaders and know that on some level they are intended to help the planet in some long-term way. They are the first to volunteer their time to any valid cause.

Are you in a personal year of 9?

The 9 personal year comes at the end of a 9-year epicycle. This is a year of completions. It’s a time when you need to look at your life energetically. All things are composed of energy. I am energy. You are energy. Your thoughts are energy. This desk is energy. Given this understanding, we need to consider what is standing in our way of moving forward into the next year of new beginnings. This is a year to create space. It’s time to look at all the “stuff” you have! How much of it is plugging up a space that could be filled with something more inspiring next year? Check out the friends you are spending time with. If you could only take one person with you into your personal year of 1 next year, who would it be? Who do you need to start spending less time with? Which friends are dead wood? Which ones will support you in the future? Which ones will hold you back? How about those limiting beliefs in your head? How many of them aren’t true? You need to release them in this cycle in preparation for a whole new you next year! Be on the lookout for ANYTHING that might hold you back next year. Remember that you only have once in a 9-year cycle to harness the unique energy that is yours this year.

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