Numerology Number 8 – Life Path, Birth Day & Personal Year

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I love the number 8. I think it’s because it is the most misunderstood of all the numbers from 1-9.

The internet would have you believe that those with a life path number 8 or those born on the 8th, 17th or 26th day are born to be wealthy! They all have bags of money and success! Beautiful homes! Gorgeous cars! They have it all! Or do they?

I actually created a video called “Why is the 8 Life Path so Challenging?”

I found it fascinating whenever I read for 8’s. Their complaint was always the same. “Show me the money!” They all seemed to be struggling financially. They always seemed to exist paycheck to paycheck. So where does all this 8 hype come from on the internet?!

There is an intimate connection between money and power. Those who are in good alignment with their power and their self-worth typically have no issues with money. But more times than not I see people who struggle with money.

Many complain that they don’t make enough money. They aren’t paid their worth. They complain every payday. I often ask them “Did you take your paycheck this week?” “Yes.” “And you don’t feel you have been paid enough in exchange for what you’ve been paid?” “Yes! I don’t feel like I’m being paid enough!” “And yet you accepted your paycheck?” “Yes! Of course, I did. What else would I do? I have to have a paycheck to pay my bills!”

So here’s the secret to understanding the 8 issue. The 8 is here to understand that we teach people how to treat us every single moment of every day. When you accept a paycheck which is much less than you think you’re worth, you have told your employer that it is totally ok to pay you that. Translated: your employer has now been taught that that is what you are worth because you accepted it without speaking up or challenging this low paycheck.

What other areas does this show up in your life? Who has been disrespecting you lately? When did it become ok for them to disrespect you? Step away from the situation and ask yourself “How am I contributing to this? What did I say that implied it’s ok to take advantage of me? What did I choose NOT to say that is also contributing to you being disrespected?

So when we struggle with our own self-worth, we struggle financially. It starts from within. It begins with being clear about your self-worth not only to yourself but also to others.

Are you in a Personal Year of 8?

The personal year of 8 typically has a theme related to money but it also is a great time to step back into your power! As soon as you step into your power and you discover your worth…the money will come! This is a year where you CAN manifest something. Last year in a personal year of 7, you may have felt paralyzed by making any decision! You were stuck inside your head, but the 8 personal year is an action year! Get clear on what you are worth. Send the universe and everyone in it a message that says there is a new bitch in town and she’s a whole lot more demanding since she recognized her amazing worth!

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