Numerology Number 7 – Life Path, Birth Day and Personal Year

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So what is the essence behind a 7? Well, the first thing we need to look at is the issue of trust. Sevens have a very hard time trusting not only other people but also themselves. They are often caught in quandaries around “what is the right decision?” More often it is themselves they do not trust. Sevens are highly analytical people. They need to have all the facts in before they make any major decisions. This might explain why sevens are often Angel Card Junkies! They will go to any measure to find out answers to their pressing issues before they make a decision. They are often very spiritual people as they are seekers of the truth. They are the ones who prefer to think that the furnace banging in the middle of the night is really their dead Aunt Thelma coming back for a visit!

Are You in a Personal Year of 7?

Whenever I see a lot of sevens around a person’s numerology chart it causes me to wonder what it is they are pondering. Sevens tell me that they are considering something very deeply and that it may be consuming a great deal of their time. Speaking as a 7 myself I know that a personal month or personal year of 7 is often very hard on my head! I’m told it’s hard on the heads of everyone who shares company with me as well! 7 personal months and years cause us to retreat within ourselves. It forces us to examine the big issues in our lives. It forces us to take off our rose-colored glasses and really see a situation for all it is. The influence of the number seven anywhere in our charts causes us to look for time alone. If we don’t find this solitude it often causes us stress.

I find it unthinkable that sevens are associated with being cold and aloof at times! What’s with that?! I’m as warm and fuzzy as it gets damn it! Oh. It’s my body language that says I’m cold and aloof. Who knew?! Sevens are deep thinkers and are often caught deep in thought with that look of judgment on their faces. We really aren’t judgmental people! Honest! We’re just trying to figure you out! Remember that we are the analysts and so it’s our job to figure out what the heck you’re all about! Did I mention this process can be hard on our heads?!

You know for years I thought my mother was really different and eccentric. Well maybe that’s still true….yeah….it’s true. But what I’ve come to learn about myself is that I too am different and eccentric! Ok. I said it! People expect me to see things through different eyes. They expect the unexpected from me. I no longer worry about what people will think when I express myself in what might seem to be a very “way out there” point of view. I’ve come to terms with my vibration in that it is different. I do see things differently and I look for the spiritual message in ALL things. I mean everyone knows that when a Dragonfly chooses to land on you it’s a message that things are not always as they seem. Look more closely!

Were You Born on the 7th, 16th or 25th day?

Not only was I blessed with a number 7 life path number but I was also born on the 25th which also equates back to the energy of the 7. Any of us born on the 7th, 16th or 25th will share the unique energy of the 7. One of the most common characteristics of the 7 energy I see when I am doing a Numerology chart is the incredible need my client has to become really good at something. They know beyond the shadow of a doubt that they are meant to study something…specialize in it…get really good at it….become well-known for it…and eventually teach it to someone else. Sevens are perfectionists but don’t always have the tenacity necessary to follow a subject to its completion while mastering it. We are such keen students of the universe that “surely there has to be something more interesting to learn than this!”

Most sevens are quite intellectual by nature. It’s important that they surround themselves with others who are their intellectual equals. Sometimes this can be difficult as they are often misunderstood. I’m always surprised at what people say about me after they have gotten to know me. “Oh my! I always thought you were so prim and proper!” Pleeeease! Sevens are seldom the people you think they are. Look beneath the surface of these people. There is more than meets the eye here! What you see is usually not what you get! They are a treasure chest of paradoxes! Who do you know who was born on the 7th, 16th or the 25th? How well do you really know them? Are you a life path number of 7? Or maybe you are experiencing a personal year of 7. Either way a numerology chart can open the doors to better self-understanding!

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