How to Add More One-derful to Your Day


There’s a famous song that goes, “One is the loneliest number,” but in the world of numerology, I beg to differ. It’s not just a number standing in the corner at a party, awkwardly sipping a drink. No, the number one is the life of the numerological party, representing leadership, independence, originality, creativity and the drive to be first at everything. Let’s explore how this solitary figure can be a powerhouse in your life.

One: The Trailblazer of Numbers

In numerology, one is the pioneer, the original, the ‘I did it first’ of the number world. It symbolizes new beginnings, the courage to go forth into the unknown, and the determination to stand alone. It’s the number of leaders, innovators, self-starters and anyone who’s ever thought, “I’ll do it myself.”

Starting Your Day with a One-derful Routine

Embracing the energy of one can start as soon as you wake up. Begin your day by doing one thing just for you. It could be a solitary walk, writing in a journal, or standing in front of the mirror reminding yourself that you’re, well, number one. It’s about focusing on your individuality and setting the tone for a day of self-empowered action. Remember there is no one else like you. You are intended to share your unique self with the world.

Dress to Express the One in You

Dressing with the number one in mind is about expressing your unique style. Forget trends; wear something that screams ‘you.’ It’s a celebration of individuality and the confidence to stand out from the crowd – even if it’s just by wearing mismatched socks. Try playing with outrageous patterns and colors in your wardrobe. Mix up the prints. Make a statement people will remember and wear it with confidence.

Work Like a Number One

At work, channel the leadership qualities of one. Take initiative on a project or propose a new idea. It’s about being proactive and showing that you’re not afraid to lead the way – or at least to be the first one to use the new photocopier!

One-on-One Time

Socially, one is all about meaningful individual connections. Try spending quality one-on-one time with someone. It could be a deep conversation with a friend or a significant other, where you really listen (without plotting your grocery list in your head). Step away from superficial conversations that will suck the life out of you. Ask thought provoking questions that will encourage original thinkers to engage with you.

Ending the Day as a One and Only

As your day ends, take a moment to appreciate your unique journey. Reflect on one personal achievement of the day, no matter how small. It’s a celebration of your individuality and the unique path you’re carving in this world. Did you stand out? Did you make an impression people will remember? Did you dare to be different? Good for you!

The Power of One

In conclusion, the number one isn’t just about being alone; it’s about harnessing the strength and courage to stand alone. It’s the reminder that every great journey starts with a single step, and every change begins with one person deciding to make a difference. Embrace the creative genius that lives inside of you. Create something no one has ever seen before. Here’s to being one, a number full of potential and power, ready to leave its mark on the world.

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