Four Play: Why the Number Four is More Than Just a Square

four leaf clover

You’ve probably heard the saying “being square”, right? Well, it’s time to talk about the number four. But before you yawn and click away, let me tell you why this number might just be the most underrated number observed in Numerology.

In numerology, the number four speaks of stability, focus, reliability, and practicality. It’s the grounded pillar of all the numbers. The 4 speaks of integrity and the person you can always count on to be… well, square. But here’s where it gets interesting: The number four represents the grounding energy of the Earth, the solid foundation upon which we build our dreams and ambitions. It’s not just about being stable; it’s about creating the stability necessary for growth and innovation. The number four inspires us to have a plan so we CAN create a foundation that will provide us with the freedom we desire.

Adventures in Four-land

Think about it: You’re planning a weekend getaway. We all know that two’s company and three’s a crowd… but what about four? That’s the magical combination of fun and balance. It’s the perfect group size for board games, road trips, or a musical quartet. And speaking of music, ever noticed how many bands are quartets? Remember the Fab Four, The Beatles? And what about Led Zeppelin and Queen… coincidence? I think not. Four brings harmony, both in music and life.

Four Seasons, Four Reasons

The natural world loves the number four too. Even Mother Nature observes four seasons, each distinctly different, yet each contributes to the cycle of life. In numerology, four symbolizes the completeness of the world, represented by the four elements: Earth, Air, Fire, and Water. It’s a number that celebrates diversity and the beauty of change.

Four-Leaf Clovers: Luck or a Lesson in Persistence?

Just for fun, consider the four-leaf clover for a moment. Imagine you’re in a field of clover and your only ambition is to find a four-leaf clover. What do you do? You embrace patience, persistence, determination and a lot of hard work to finally land one of those magical beauties. All of this is a testament to the four energy.

Embrace Your Inner Four

So, let’s give four credit where credit is due. It’s not just a number of predictability; it’s the symbol of the steadfast determination that leads to achievement and the balanced approach that creates harmony. And that’s a good thing right? The number four brings in the ability to focus, better than any other number. Be sure to embrace your inner four by focusing only on what you want rather than what you don’t want. After all, anything you give your energy, attention and focus to will always get bigger.

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