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Sometimes We Need to Slow the BLEEP Down

Recently, I witnessed a horrific accident on the highway. I was heading to the city for my chiropractor’s appointment. It was a beautiful day. I had the tunes cranked up in my car and my sunroof wide open. Finally, it was a nice spring day—until it wasn’t. Up ahead in … Read more

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Rising Frequencies: Understanding Ascension Symptoms

So, what is all this noise about ASCENSION SYMPTOMS anyway? Watch me explain or keep reading below. I’ve been a seeker for a very long time. I’ll admit that I am a self-proclaimed Metaphysical Junkie. I’ll explore anything once and maybe even twice. So the concept of ascension symptoms has piqued … Read more

Who is Your Light Family?

Ever since I was a little girl, I had a big need to belong. I grew up with an emotionally absent Dad and a very busy Mom who was just trying to keep things afloat. God bless them both. They were doing the best they could and, like every parent … Read more

When Will You Be Enough?

So here we are, about 2 weeks deep into the new year. By now you’ve likely taken down all the festive decorations, thrown out the Christmas cards and possibly re-gifted the stuff you don’t want to eat. Mental note to self: It’s not cool to attempt to re-gift stuff to … Read more

What Can You Learn From a Hurricane?

Have you ever experienced a hurricane before? Recently I had the good fortune to experience the wrath of Hurricane Fiona. Good fortune? I’ve never felt so much gratitude in my whole life. (Or fear!) Hurricane Fiona was the worst storm in Canadian history and it knocked right on our back … Read more

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It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year… Not!

If you’re like me, you pay attention to things like Mercury Retrogrades! I never fail to mark on my calendar when they start and when they finish. And for the record, Mercury went retrograde on September 9th and will be in this funky place until October 2nd when it finally … Read more

Who Are You When You’re HANGRY?

I don’t know about you but it appears to me like the planets and the stars have been pushing my hangry* button way too often as of late! *Hungry and Angry in a neat package that always demands chocolate Thank you, Snickers Bar, for seeing me through this challenging time! … Read more