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6 Psychics Under One Roof

Live Online Sunday, December 10th at 12pm ET

Join me, Ann Perry, and my special guests for 2 hours of reflection and introspection as we examine what 2024 holds in store for all of us.

Finally, it’s GO TIME in 2024!

There's a good reason why we need to be prepared for the upcoming year. 2023 asked us to explore who we are. What do we want? What next? How does spirituality play a role in our lives?

Now it's time to step away from all of the introspection of the past year. It’s time to get out of your head and get into the game of MANIFESTATION!

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2024 will be an 8 Universal Year.

Regardless of where we are in our own personal cycles, the 8 Universal Year will become our umbrella influence. It will ask us to courageously move forward while embracing abundance and new opportunities! Did I mention that immense personal transformation is a reality in a Universal Year of 8? It’s a time to set your intentions HIGH! You won’t be allowed to play small this year. Remember … the 8 Universal Year only comes around every 9 years. You need to be equipped with the tools necessary to FINALLY manifest the abundance and prosperity that may have been out of reach until now.

Who better to help you plan your best approach to this amazing energy than 6 kick-ass psychics?!

LauraWarren-sep23 (2)

Laura Warren

Psychic Medium

Laura began developing her psychic abilities as a child. She is a gifted psychic medium & teacher who is passionate about connecting you to your loved one’s in spirit, your angels, guides and often beloved pets. Laura was featured on the TV program Sight Seers on AMI and often hosts seminars, psychic development classes, and wellness retreats.

Annette Dalloo

Annette Dalloo

Transformational Coach / Akashic Record Reader / Podcast Host

Annette is a multi-talented Psychic Healer/Teacher who is a real pro at accessing your Akashic records. Early on she recognized that accessing your Akashic records is an indispensable tool to help you clear the blocks from your soul so you can finally “level up!" Annette is the host of an amazing podcast called “The Heart of You".

Fiona Black

Fiona Black

Transformational Business Coach

Fiona is a heart-centered coach who specializes in helping you to step back into your power so you can truly realize your full potential. Her unique coaching style often involves accessing your Akashic Records while assisting you to heal those outdated contracts that no longer serve you well. She is a gentle coach who knows just when to set a fire under your butt!

Maureen Webb, Human Design & Gene Keys Guide

Maureen Webb

Certified Coach / Human Design / Gene Keys / Astrology Master Teacher

For the past 30 years, Maureen has been an agent for Transformation. Courageously she left a 16-year career as a police officer to pursue her passion as an Empowerment Specialist. Maureen is a frequent and welcome teacher in The Clarity Seekers Community. Maureen always keeps it real while sharing her vulnerability and humor in all she does.

Corilee Fox, Intuitive Life Coach

Corilee Fox

Intuitive Spiritual Coach / Soul Reader / Energy Worker / Business Mentor

Thrilled to feature another frequent teacher from The Clarity Seekers Community: Corilee is the real deal. Her gentle yet effective approach to coaching will have you asking for more every time. Corilee intuitively knows what needs to be done to help you rise above your limitations. And we can all use a little guidance moving into 2024!

Ann Perry

Ann Perry

Professional Numerologist / Soul Coach

Ann has always been passionate about the healing arts. She became a Reiki Master Teacher in 2001 followed by Certifications in Hypnotherapy, EFT, IET and Scientific Hand Analysis. Although she has a love for all things related to the healing arts, Numerology revealed to her that her life purpose is to help you to find yours.

2024 promises to be a manifesting year on steroids!

It's a golden opportunity for you to rise above the limitations that have been holding you back.

Live Online Sunday, December 10th at 12pm ET

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