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Clutter Clearing Part One

Tuesday, October 10th @ 7PM ET

Get Over Your Sh*T So You Can Get Rid of Your Sh*T!

Join me and my guest Clutter Clearing Coach & Psychologist, Kate Evans

Let’s Explore …
1. The impact of clutter on the energy in your home.
2. The impact of decluttering on the energy in your home.
3. The impact of the energy in your home on the movement in your life.
4. How to start decluttering.
5. Basics of how to decide what to keep and what to release.

Masterclass Leader: Kate Evans

Kate Evans is a decluttering coach who uses her two decades of experience as a psychologist to help people who are overwhelmed by clutter in their lives and homes get over their mental and emotional shit so that they can get rid of their physical shit. Kate works with her clients to understand the connection between the state of their home and their self-care. She then helps them learn to let go of the objects that no longer serve them while addressing the mental and emotional barriers that have gotten their lives and homes into a cluttered state. Kate provides her clients with a safe space to explore their relationship with their belongings and with themselves, while also offering guidance and accountability. Kate’s coaching clients express feeling lighter as they declutter and more in control of their lives and homes supporting her conclusion that caring for your home is self-care.

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