“Hi Ann

Thank you very much for the reading.  After watching your YouTube videos, my intuition proved correct in reaching out to contact you and invest in the reading.  It was well worth the money, not just for the “numbers” but for your enthusiasm and practical help in seeing me live life outside the box, taking a chance to express my individuality and unique creativity. Thank you for giving/sharing everything you could with me in the time we had.”  -Curtis Fry


“I found Ann Perry’s You Tube videos on numerology.  I found them quit compelling and so I signed up for a reading.  Ann is such a gifted teacher. I was warmed by her insightful messages.  She brought up some points that have really left me thinking. I am impressed by her selfless desire to help people find their purpose, not only through personal readings but through her amazing You Tube channel.  I highly recommend a reading.  Ann is authentic, encouraging, and inspiring. Thank you so much!!”   -Misty Unzaga

”I had a full Numerology reading with Ann a few days ago. I am still digesting all the information in the emailed report, but, after the Skype discussion, I was hooked. I would say that the report, and Ann’s explanations, read like a book of my life to this point. And, with so much added info in the email, I am more certain of the path I am on and more hopeful for my future and that I will attain my goals. Thank you, Ann, for this wonderful experience.”  -
Kim MacNearney

“Ann, I just had to write and say how much the insight you gave me meant to me. During your talk on Numerology, I thought I was a one but it didn’t “feel” right. I found out I was an 11. When you spoke directly to the 11’s in the group, it was like the past 38 years all made sense. Your talk made me feel “ok”. It was as if your words hugged the inner struggling me and said “You are ok. This is going to get better and sort itself out. You are exactly where you are meant to be.” I really had to hold myself back from crying as you were speaking. Thank you.” -C.K.

“I booked a Numerology Reading with Ann in January 2012. As a champion procrastinator, I was avoiding doing the final edit of a humorous memoir I had been writing. With a busy period of creativity predicted, Ann inspired me to knuckle down and complete the job. My book A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Inventing my Childhood was published in May 2012 to great acclaim. Having had another reading with Ann recently, I am looking forward to a productive 2013 and so am grateful to Ann for all her encouragement.” -Mary Wood

“I feel such a strength and power in my voice already. Wow! I’m blown away! Thank you so much. I’m so grateful. I feel like you opened a door for me.” -Bernice MacNeil