Numerology Number 6 - Life Path, Birth Day & Personal Year

Of all of the numbers from 1-9 I feel that those with a Life Path number of 6 are the ones who really need to know their purpose. The energy of the 6 says “I need to be of service to others.” There is nothing more enjoyable to see than someone who is in perfect alignment with their purpose. Whether your life path number is a 6 or maybe you were simply born on the 6th, 15th or 24th day, the need to be of service is the same.

6’s find satisfaction from jobs that allow them to be of service. This could include teaching, cooking, home decorating, real estate, spa therapist, animal rescue, gardening and landscaping.

It’s interesting to note that when you look at the number 6, it bears resemblance to a pregnant belly. This makes us think of the nurturer. It makes us think of the Mom and the home.

The 6 energy typically commands an interest in the home and family. 6’s typically love to make people feel comfortable in their home. They set the bar super high not only for themselves but also for others in their path. Picture the VanTrapp family from the Sound of Music! You get the idea! These are the perfectionists! 6pm on Christmas Eve would not be a good time to tell a 6 that the table napkins don’t match! There is a Martha Stewart living inside of anyone with 6 energy!

Whenever I read for 6’s, I always make sure that they have a plan in place for when they retire. 6’s don’t retire easily unless they know what their next assignment is! Who am I going to be responsible for once I retire? Who will I take care of once the kids are gone? Where will I place my energy and focus once my ailing parent is gone?

6’s thrive on being responsible. They are the first ones to jump in to take over the family reunion plans. They are the extreme home and school volunteers. 60 dozen cookies by tomorrow morning? I’m on it! The 6’s like to be in charge and often will elbow their way in when sometimes their assistance isn’t welcome. WHAT?! Yup. 6’s need to pause long enough to ask themselves “Why do I feel the need to jump in to help?!” Often, it’s because they are lacking in self worth. Helping makes them feel better about themselves. Saving others is often a case of saving themselves from the pain they may feel if they choose not to help. 6’s often measure their self worth based on how much they are able to contribute to others.

Are you in a 6 personal year?

The 6 personal year lends itself to a domestic focus. This is a time when your energy, attention and focus will be on the home and family. It will require a lot of balance between the demands from work and also from family. It’s possible that someone within your family might be demanding more time from you than you would typically be giving them. Maybe your Mom is going through a tough time. Maybe it’s time to consider the future of your elderly parents. If it’s not an emotional pull towards the family, it may simply be a focus on the actual home itself. Is it time for renovations? Have you put off fixing that leaky roof long enough? Maybe you have outgrown this home and are needing to consider your next move. All of this is possible in the 6 personal year.