What Does It Mean When I Keep Seeing Repeating Numbers?


One of the most popular questions I am asked every day is

“What does it mean to see repeating numbers? It’s driving me craaaazy!!”

Numerology observes the philosophy that all numbers hold vibrations.
Vibrations produce predictable characteristics.

Learning Numerology is learning how to “speak” numbers! It’s a language!

Each number holds a vibration that is something that can be interpreted.

It is believed that seeing repeating numbers is a definite sign that your Angels
or guides are trying to get your attention!

For example: When we think of the number one we think of the words leader,
driven, successful, winner, new beginnings, independence. This is the “vibration”
that the number one gives off.

Before you can understand what the repeating numbers are trying to tell you, you
need to learn how to interpret the numbers from 1-9.

I have created a chart that will help you to understand the meanings of each number.

It will also give you some ideas on how to interpret those pesky repeating numbers!

Here is the link to your complete resource for repeating numbers! Enjoy!
What Do Repeating Numbers Actually Mean


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