Karmic Lesson Definitions

To determine your karmic lessons (if any!) you must first determine which letters are missing from your BIRTH NAME.

For example:


Begin by asking yourself….

“Does John have any letters relating to the 1 vibration of AJS?”

Yes! John has an “A”, a “J” and also an “S” so we know that John does NOT have a karmic lesson of 1 because he has letters relating to that number.


“Does John have any letters relating to the 2 vibration of B, K or T?

Yes! John has a “T” in his name which now determines he has no 2 karmic lessons.

“Does John have any letters relating to the 3 vibration of C, L or U?

No! John does not have any C’s, L’s or U’s in his birth name. This means that John DOES have a karmic lesson of 3.

Now go through the whole birth name exploring each number from 1-9 to determine if you have any karmic lessons at all.

For a complete list of all of the karmic lessons please click on the link below.

I have created a FREE resource for you to download for your reference.

Have FUN!

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