How Will the Energy of the 2 Universal Year Support me in 2018?



The year of one provides us with lots of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual energy. It’s “go time!”. Lot’s of opportunities will become available to you in a one year. This is the year for new beginnings. It’s a time to plant seeds. Anything you start in a year of one will directly influence your experience for the next 9 years. The focus is all around you.

2 Universal Support – New partnerships. New opportunities to be a team player. More balanced approach to business & personal life. Added bonus of enhanced cooperation skills. PATIENCE!


Where the year of one was all about you the year of two is all about you and one other person. It’s a time of partnerships. You will enjoy a lot of one on one time.This could be you and a spouse, you and a child, you and a business partner. There will be lots of one on one activity going on.  This is a time to be patient and sit in your “time out” chair. Patience will be necessary to move through this year. Watch the seeds that you planted last year as they are beginning to germinate.

2 Universal Support – Double the intensity of the above!


Where last year was a year of one on one relationships, the year of three is a more social energy. Last year you were quite happy to cuddle on the couch with that special someone but this year you are happy to entertain and be entertained. Its a creative year with lots of ideas brewing. The seeds you planted in year one are finally sprouting and you are beginning to feel expansion all around you. This creative energy does not allow for a lot of focus but the creative potential is awesome! Let the ideas flow in!

2 Universal Support – Enhanced patience during a time where your focus may be challenged. You may be asked to be a peacekeeper to your expanded social circle this year.


Where the year of three caused you to have no focus on anything but your social life the four asks you to get a bit more grounded and responsible. The year of four produces this amazing ability to be hyper focused on whatever you want in your life. Unfortunately most people tend to focus on what’s right in front of them. What you see most clearly is what you don’t have. “I don’t have enough time, money, energy resources etc.” The year of four is brilliant as it asks us to build strong foundations for ourselves. The reminder here is that everything you give your energy, time and focus to will get bigger. If you focus on what you don’t have enough of you’ll continue to get the same. So people tend to feel very stuck in a year of four because they focus too much on their limitations. Don’t waste this amazing energy on focusing on what you don’t have! Focus on what you do have!

2 Universal Support – The universal 2 energy will lend a dose of patience as you wade through the details of any task. This is your personal building year where team building will be possible. Employing the help of others in a cooperative effort is possible here.


Where the year of four had you feeling stuck the year of five is helping you feel free again. The straight jacket is finally off. You feel more comfortable taking a few risks. Change is almost certain and a dose of unexpected events is likely too. Be careful not to go over board with your spending after a year of holding your money close. Travel is a definite theme for this year!

2 Universal Support – The personal year of 5 is all about change! The presence of the 2 universal energy will help you to slow down the pace so you can choose the best course of action for you. It will bring in peaceful vibes that can be supportive if you choose to travel with a partner.


I like to call the year of six the year of domestic drama. Now don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying that you’ll be fighting with your spouse and family…but maybe you will! The focus of this year is on the home front. That being said, you might simply need a new roof or doors. It can be a focus on the dwelling or the people in it. It’s a year where you will learn the hard lessons around establishing balance in your life. It can be a challenging year for workaholics as they try to maintain balance with their work lives and their home life. The other consideration for this year are the lessons around responsibility. How much of this is really MY responsibility? How involved do I really need to be or can I feel safe to allow things to unfold without me being involved? This is all challenging as the other theme to this year is around the need to nurture people.

2 Universal Support – The personal year of 6 brings on added responsibility towards family The 2 universal support will help you to be more intuitive to the needs of others. It will bring in the supportive energy which will allow you to focus on “one on one” relationships in your family. It will support you with the patience you may need during trying times.


After a year of a lot of involvement with people in your life the year of seven will be a year of quiet reflection and introspection. You will definitely want some time to yourself. This is a year where you will be asking yourself “What next?” “What do I really want for myself?” The year of seven is often a very spiritual year. It’s a great year to study and get in touch with yourself. I call this a “Head game” year as you are most definitely in your head rather than thinking from your heart. Its a year where you may experience some self doubt as you ponder the next move in your life.

2 Universal Support – The personal year of 7 is a time when typically, you like to be alone. The 2 universal support will make it easier for you to be in a partnership. It will make being part of a team much easier. It assist us with any trust issues we may in our relationships.


The year of eight brings welcome relief from being stuck in your head! It’s go time! This is a year full of manifestations. There is a huge focus on your personal economy. You’ll be faced with the questions around “Do I buy? Do I sell? Do I invest? Do I ask for a raise?” This is big year to look at your financials and make decisions that will influence you for the next nine years.

2 Universal Support – The 8 personal year will often lend itself to business ventures so the 2 universal support will make finding a business partner easier. It can also support you in developing key relationships with banks and other cooperative efforts to build your business. The 8 is “go time!” The 2 universal year will support a “wait and see” kind of attitude.


The year of nine is the last year of our epicycle. It’s the year that will groom us to get ready for the next year which will be a year of new beginnings. This year you will feel the need to kick to the curb anything that is standing in your way of getting ahead. You can have the yard sale of your life as you clean out your closets! You are consciously aware that you don’t want to carry any unnecessary baggage into the next new cycle. This includes not only “stuff” but people as well! You may have a few friends that you know are not positive influences in your life but you continue to see them anyway. If you don’t make conscious choices to limit your contact with them…the universe will do it for you so that you are surrounded by positive influences in your new year. This is a great time for forgiveness too. Who needs to be forgiven so you can move on? Sometimes a year of nine can be a bit scary. Huge shifts and changes happen leaving us to feel very vulnerable. The reality is that the universe has a wonderful plan for us which sometimes does not include what we already have.

2 Universal Support – The 2 universal support will help us to examine close relationships in our lives more effectively. It will help us to really see these relationships and to  help us to decide if they are worthy of keeping or not. The 2 also helps us to accept the things we cannot change and allows us to patiently accept the endings which are inevitable this year.

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