How To Calculate Your Expression Number


Your Expression Number is the second core number that we consider when exploring a Numerology chart.

Your Life Path Number is derived from your birth date, whereas your Expression Number comes from your full birth name.

Your Life Path Number shows us the lessons you chose to work on in this lifetime.

Your Expression Number is where we find the gifts and the talents you chose to bring with you in order to support your challenges in the life path number.

Each letter in your birth name is assigned numeric value. Once we calculate the numbers in your birth name we arrive at your expression number.

Here is a simple worksheet to help you calculate your expression number.


Meaning of Your Expression Number

Expression 1:

This expression number represents the pioneering spirit, the risk taker

and someone who is willing to put him/herself “out there” and try new things.

Extroverted (typically) and very self-confident, sometimes even a bit too self-centered.

This card speaks of someone with the desire to win, who will work harder than most

to reach his/her goals. Independent and competitive – always growing and striving.

Expression 2:

The natural diplomat is represented with this destiny number. Two people

are well-balanced, able to bring people together and reach compromise. They are quite

intuitive and can sense the feelings of others which leads to this innate ability for

teamwork. Two’s embody fairness and balance. They also tend to develop strong

musical talents as well due to their natural sense of rhythm and harmony.

Expression 3:

The 3 expression number speaks of someone who is very theatrical

by nature – very expressive, outgoing, and a natural charmer. People with this number

are often drawn towards writing, acting, or the arts – anywhere they can express

themselves and share their views with others. Three’s are capable of abstract

thought and can paint pictures easily with words and communication.

They have an innate ability to explain complex concepts in a way that

is easy for everyone to grasp.

Expression 4:

People with a 4 expression number are considered down to earth,

practical, and orderly. Four people thrive in environments that are well-organized

and they love structure and stability. They are often seen as “the rock” or pillar

strength in their families and businesses because of their strong sense of duty

and discipline.


Expression 5:

The person with the 5 expression number is a natural adventurer,

someone who thrives on new experiences and who is a lifelong seeker and learner

through hands-on methods. These people are often “jack of all trades” types who

are self-taught in many areas and are always wanting to try something new. The 5

expression number is destined to travel, have a variety of experiences and break free

of the societal mold that tells us to “do one thing” career wise etc. Five’s change their

minds often and when they give themselves the freedom to explore they lead very rich

and interesting lives.

Expression 6:

Six people are driven by a strong sense of duty and often put others

ahead of themselves. They are called often to careers that allow them to help others –

counselors, health care fields, teaching etc. People with a 6 expression number

tend to measure their own sense of self-worth based on what they do for others.

They need to be careful to not be too overprotective and to allow others the freedom

to make their own choices in life.

Expression 7:

People with a Seven expression number are very intuitive, intelligent –philosophical,

the seekers of truth and understanding. Seven people tend to be rather introverted

and require a great deal of “personal space” in order to thrive. Seven people are

motivated in life by a need for greater understanding and are often drawn to metaphysics.

Expression 8:

People with an 8 expression number are incredibly competitive,

ambitious, and hard working. Often destined for great successes in life, particularly

in their career field. Eight people are excellent managers and builders who are very

efficient and effective. They are able to balance strong ambitions with care and

concern for others which allows them to create strong enterprises that serve

their communities well.

Expression 9:

People with a 9 destiny/expression number are the lofty idealists

that inspire us to aim higher. Humanitarian by their very nature, nine people are

typically called to lives of activism and social issues. They are driven by a need to

be accepted and loved by others and often become very well known or famous for

their efforts. People with a 9 expression number are typically highly artistic and

creative and use those talents to promote a cause.

Expression 11:

People with the master number 11 as their expression number are

naturally psychic and very intelligent. They have a great blend of logic and creativity

and when they can balance these aspects and channel their vast energy in productive

ways nothing can stop them. Eleven’s have to work hard to keep their higher

vibrational energy levels up. Eleven’s can become too caught up in fantasy over

reality as an escape when their emotions overwhelm them. It is very important for

people with this expression number and life path to work hard to keep their energy

fields in balance.

Expression 22:

People with this master number 22 as their destiny number are great at bringing the sacred to the mundane – they can and do embrace all life and experience as a spiritual adventure and put this reverence into everything they build and create. Natural builders, those with a 22 expression number are blessed as visionaries with strong leadership abilities. They can see a project through from start to finish build what they envision with ease and grace.

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