House Number Definitions



House #1 Pros
Supports creativity, independence, determination, drive, leadership.

House #1 Cons
Difficult if teamwork is essential to live here. Can feel isolating.

House #2 Pros
Quiet energy, cooperative environment, companionship, sentimental.

House #2 Cons
Difficult for anyone who is very independent. Can be an overly sensitive

House #3 Pros
Busy social hub, creative energy, great for self expression, artistic.

House #3 Cons
Can be scattered energy, can be a busy environment with little down time, can be a bit chaotic.

House #4 Pros
Practical, organized, grounded, great for handyman, good for home office

House #4 Cons
Not a good fit for someone who can’t live within a budget, this energy can stifle someone who needs change and can cause you to feel stuck in a routine.

House #5 Pros
Great for those who are in sales, great if you want to be able to leave it in a moments notice. Great place to hang unusual artwork.

House #5 Cons
Expect the unexpected. Change will be imminent. Difficult to find peace and quiet here.

House #6 Pros
Love, family, tradition, comfort, food, hospitality, nurturing, comfortable. Great for homemakers, visual artists.

House #6 Cons
Can foster the need to gossip. A need for perfectionism. May attract unwelcome guests who are needy.

House #7 Pros
Great number for a quiet sacred spiritual space. Excellent for writers, musicians, pastors, students.

House #7 Cons
Those in a 7 house may become too reclusive. Not well suited to those who need lots of company around.

House #8 Pros
Emphasis on quality not quantity. Those who enjoy the material side of life are good here. Typically nice homes that are well appointed. Organized. This energy attracts money and those who are career minded with a drive to earn money.

House #8 Cons
Repairs can be overly costly in an 8 house due to the higher end home it likely is. The energy of the 8 can be boastful causing jealousy among neighbours etc. Those living in this energy have to learn to balance business with pleasure.

House #9 Pros
Great for attracting various cultures. Great for a healing practice or anything related to humanitarian or charitable efforts. Artistic. Busy environment full of patience and tolerance.

House #9 Cons
Not a good energy for anyone who is tight with their money. This energy tends to be that of the giver. Those who live with a half empty cup will not enjoy this energy.

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