3 Ways To Make 2018 Your Best Year EVER!


Do you ever feel like a ship that is lost at sea? Do you lack direction? Do you get up each morning without a plan? Are you spiraling around the drain trying to figure out the right path to go on or direction to take?

Good thing Mother Nature has it all figured out. She simply relies upon that internal clock to tell her when to wake up the plants and when to put them to sleep. She knows when to make it snow and when to make it warm. She doesn’t even think about it! She doesn’t wait for an office memo. She has this amazing internal compass that she just relies upon. And she is never wrong! Don’t you wish we could tap into the same kind of internal compass that would tell you when to forge forward and when to slow down?

I know I often feel like I’m in over drive. I have always struggled with balance in my life. (It’s one of my karmic lessons and it kicks my ass on a regular basis!) I only know one speed! Full speed ahead while asking questions later! I honestly think that my understanding of the 9 year epicycle was revolutionary for me. It just makes sense when you understand it! If you KNOW which personal year you are in you KNOW how to harness the best of that specific energy!

It’s SUPER important to recognize that each Sept/Oct we begin to shift out of our current year. The energy of the current year is running out but the good news is that you still have time to utilize this personal energy before the end of December 31st, 2017!

3 Ways To Make 2018 Your Best Year EVER!

1 – Learn which personal year you are in NOW!
     (To learn which year you are in refer to http://www.annperrynumerologist.com/epicycles/
Take stock of the year. Has it been productive?
Have you benefited from your personal energy?
What do you need to do before the clock strikes 12 on December 31st?
REMEMBER!! You only get this energy ONCE in 9 years! How old will you be when this cycle returns??

2 – Learn which personal year you will be in in 2018
  Did you prepare well in 2017 for the natural transition into 2018?
Make note if this is a high energy year or a low energy year. Understanding the impact this year has can help you to embrace the pace!
How can the 2 Universal Year give you added support in your personal year?
(Refer to http://www.annperrynumerologist.com/epicycles/    for full explanation)

3 – Create a plan to get the most out of your personal year.
Set reasonable and attainable goals.
Match your goals to the theme of your personal year.
Map out a plan and hold yourself accountable to it!

Remember that to really understand how your personal year will unfold, you really need to know how your personal essences will determine HOW you go through your personal year.

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