Numerology Number 5 – Life Path, Birth Day and Personal Year

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On July 5th of 2003 (a universal year of 5), I was visiting my mother in Alliston, Ontario. As we were returning from our walk I noticed a young bird lying dead in the grass beneath a large Maple tree. This sweet Mourning Dove was about the size of the palm of my hand. He was surrounded by the remnants of what used to be his home. Mourning Doves really do need to take a class in Nest Building 101 because they truly lack something here!

As I walked away, I caught a glimpse of a tiny creature deep beneath the grass peering up at me. There he was, just the tiniest bird I have ever seen. No more than 2” long with his eyes still firmly shut. He too had fallen from his nest before he had even seen his world. I called to my mother who told me to leave him be… to let Mother Nature take her course.

I paused for a moment but I sensed a dogged determination about this little guy. He almost gave me a bit of attitude! Even though he had been abandoned he still lay there patiently waiting for someone to rescue him like he was royalty or something! He had such positive energy with an “it’s all good!” kind of attitude. I just knew I had to offer him a chance.

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I picked up his tiny chilly body and began to channel Reiki energy to him. All the while I asked why has this unexpected event happened to me? Talk about an “all about ME moment!” Maybe I should have considered that this little bird was experiencing a bigger unexpected event! As I look back now, I realize that I discovered Ali (named after the fighter for obvious reasons…) on July 5th. The 5th of any month is sure to bring you unexpected events and change. It was also 2003 which was a 5 universal year full of unexpected events! If you were born on the 5th or 23rd day of any month, you can expect change and unexpected events to follow you.

For many hours I pondered why I had found this little guy and what the lesson was in this. It was obvious to me that a bird must fly and experience his freedom. I was on a mission to make that happen. And yes, I too share the energy of the 5 and an intense need and respect for freedom. Who better to rescue Ali than me?

Ali’s spirit emanated so many qualities we see in a 5. His determined spirit to live was evident every time he flapped his featherless wings. 5’s are eternal optimists. Ali had to have faith while he lay patiently in his own darkness. He couldn’t yet see but still had to have faith in his future. 5’s are very adaptable people and in this case birds. A lot of birds would have died of fright by me handling them but Ali simply accepted me without judgment. If he could have spoken to me, I’m sure he would have said, “Are YOU my mother?” He did look a wee bit confused on day two when his eyes finally opened but then 5’s welcome the exotic and different into their lives anyway. Who knew I’d become his wild and exotic Mom?! That’s me! Wild and exotic! (OK…maybe not!)

My experience with Ali reminds me that the 5 energy shows no distinction between birds or people, months or years, days or weeks. A 5‘s vibration always produces the same result.

Ali reminded me to have courage in the face of fear. He showed me the importance of flying toward my desired freedom. He encouraged me to be more flexible and adaptable. The energy of the 5 encourages us to embrace our challenges and to hold our arms or wings way out so the wind can pick us up and carry us to new and exciting places!

On a parting note, I’d like to recognize the Ontario Humane Society for its extraordinary efforts to provide an appropriate home for Ali. Ali left the security of my palms for a bird sanctuary 2 hours north of my Mother’s home. A team of wonderful volunteers coordinated his safe journey and for this, I am forever grateful. As much as I enjoyed spending time with Ali, it was important to me that he be re-introduced to his own kind. 5’s learn by doing so I felt it was best that another Mourning Dove shows him the ropes! Please remember to support your local animal shelters.

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