Numerology Number 4 – Life Path, Birth Day and Personal Year

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Anyone who knows me well knows I have a genuine love of Crows. Yes, I said Crows. I have been blessed to have 5 crows commune with me in my typical city lot for several years now. I can’t begin to tell you how much I have learned from these fascinating creatures! What do Crows and the energy of the number four have in common?

Crows have a very defined family structure. They cohabit together for several years. The family unit is very important to crows and although you often see them roosting together in huge colonies or “murders”, make no mistake about it; Crows stick together in their family units. It’s sort of like Crow Condos if you will!

Crows are extremely intelligent birds. They are creatures of habit. I know this to be true as they arrive to be fed at precisely 8:00 am every morning. When they are busy introducing their young to the ways of the world in early July, they work very hard to establish these patterns. Routine is another characteristic of the number four. July is a very long month in our house as Mother Crows bring their kids to the drive-in they have established in my backyard!

Crows are very hard workers. In fact, their work ethic is extraordinary! They have a very defined detail to task. Each Crow knows its place and each has a job to do. They are in fact members of an elite group of “tool-building” species. This means that the foundation of their very nests is supreme. They simply know how to build a strong home for themselves. Those with the life path number of four know that establishing a safe and secure foundation for their families is at the top of their priority list.

Crows are so intelligent that they intuitively know how to be resourceful. This is another characteristic of the number four. Fours love security. They love to know they have a stash in the bank for a rainy day. The crows’ stash may be the leftover hamburger I threw out last night… but it’s their stash and their security! Crows never do without because they know how to plan ahead. Crows will hide their food so they are prepared for the days when the drive-in is closed!

Crows are extremely observant of their environment. This is yet another characteristic of the number four. They have tremendous attention to detail. Within their structured lives, there is always a sentinel looking over the others. The sentinel watches while everyone else eats or sleeps. They can become very demanding when things go awry. When danger presents itself the Crows will spring into action, setting off an alarm that says they can’t be messed with! They have a very efficient sense of order and discipline in their communities.

Another characteristic that is common to observe in Crows and those who share the 4 energy is that of responsibility. They are hugely responsible to their families. They have a sense of law and order. It’s as though they have a need to do the right thing. Now I know a lot of you are scoffing at me right now! You are likely saying “Yeah right lady! Tearing my garbage open does not appear to be the right thing to do from where I stand!” Maybe not. But once again they are honoring their families by providing for them and let’s remember that they were here first. We are the ones snacking out of their backyards!

Crows have a dogged sense of determination. The energy of the four causes people to be equally determined and well-focused on whatever goals they choose to meet. Once a four puts their minds to a task they never quit until the job is done. They can be very inflexible while focused on a task. Remember, the fours are the foundation builders and therefore they can appear to be inflexible while pursuing their tasks.

Personal Year of 4

A lot of people equate the personal year of 4 to that of a year of struggle. I prefer to look at it as a time of determined focus in any direction you wish to pursue. The four energy can be heavy for some. It is an uncomfortable energy for someone with the upward spiraling, flexible qualities of a 3. But it does serve its purpose! Fours share their wonderful grounding energy with those of us who are not so grounded.

Were you born on the 4th, 13th, 22nd or 31st?

Look at those around you that share a birth day of the 4th, 13th, 31st. and the 22nd. I assure you these people will share some if not all of the characteristics I have shown here in italics. These are the people who get the job done! AND…they usually do it right the FIRST time! Did I mention 4’s are perfectionists?!

I would be amiss if I didn’t share with you the experience I had this morning which so inspired this article. As I parked my car at the corner market, I noticed an adult Crow walking toward me. He obviously had something wrong with his leg. I believe he may have been missing part of his foot. As he walked toward me I couldn’t help but notice that one leg moved perfectly normally while the other one extended straight out in front of him like a military soldier! No flexibility in his walk at all! For the past several days I had been asking for some kind of inspiration to write this article! Who knew it would come from one of my dear feathered friends. My Crows have shared their wisdom about the importance of routine and structure in my life. They have me well-trained! On a closing note…remember to honor these creatures of foundation, family and community. Take a moment to see the beautiful 4 energy they possess. In the native tradition, it is believed that the Crows bring magic into our lives. Ask them to bring you a little magic and you’ll be amazed at what they can do!

That’s all for now. Must run. I hear a customer at my drive-in window!

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