Numerology Number 3 – Life Path, Birth Day and Personal Year

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It seems to me that when I was a teenager every friend I had must have had a life path number of 3. Remember when your social circle was the single most important thing in your life? Remember how devastated you were when plans to hang out with your friends were cancelled? You may as well have been condemned to a prison cell for life if you were grounded for testing your limits! Obviously, not all teenagers share the life path number of 3, however, most of them demonstrate common characteristics of the 3.

Those who have a life path number of 1 are the ones who stand alone. They are the independent pioneers. Those with a life path number of 2 like to have the company of one other person in their lives. They work best in one on one relationships. Well, it’s very true that two is company and three is a crowd! Those who share the life path number of 3 are the social butterflies. Like most teenagers, the three is a very upward spiraling energy. Three’s have a need to be socially active. They do not work well alone. Although those who are born with a 3 Life path number are very creative both artistically and musically, they lack the ability to focus. Finishing what they start is always a chore for them. They have such a variety of interests! So much to do! So little time!

You will often find 3’s in the entertainment industry. The three’s make fabulous communicators and entertainers. They are often drawn to the visual and theater arts. They make great comedians and are often the class clowns! Three’s are fun and optimistic people. They have a love of life and have open playful personalities. Three’s love attention and always look for the limelight!

A personal year of two lacks energy. It’s a time when we feel the need to stay low and spend time with one on one relationships. Remember that in the Universe’s wisdom we are asked to rest and restore in a year of two in preparation for the fast pace of the year of three. It’s our ‘time out’ year.

Are You In A 3 Personal Year?

A personal year of 3 is a welcome relief! People generally become more socially active in a three year. Their energy finally returns and the idea of entertaining becomes less burdensome. Generally, you become more interested in spending time with groups of people. Your creative juices begin to flow like a river unleashed! Ideas seem to come from anywhere and everywhere! You don’t have the focus you’d like but you’re so busy having fun that it really doesn’t matter! It’s a carefree time where you may need to watch your money more closely. The theme is definitely around throwing caution to the wind!

This is a great time to redecorate your home. You might feel more inspired to try different color schemes. Dare to be different! This is a time when restrictions are simply not there. Redecorate a co-worker’s cubicle! (You can call me for ideas! I excel in this department!) A sense of freedom reigns supreme in a year of 3. The vibration of this year is optimistic. It’s a time of expansion in all areas of your life. Get back in touch with old friends while reaching out to make new ones!

The three personal year is not a great time for finances. The unpredictable energy of the three may influence you to be more frivolous with your money. Your thoughts may be too scattered to make educated decisions surrounding your future interests. You don’t want to experience buyer’s remorse after buying that “Pylon Orange shirt!” that you thought you looked so hot in! Isn’t it great to know that the four year will bring you back into focus?!

Were You Born on the 3rd, 12th, 21st or 30th?

Often times I will simply look at someone’s day of birth to gain a quick glimpse into who they are. The day of birth reveals very accurate characteristics about a person and is the quickest way to take a sneak peek. Those born on the 3rd, 12th, 21st, and 30th. will always be the life of the party! You can be guaranteed a good time when you join company with a three!

Typically, those who have a life path number of 3 have very prominent ring or “Apollo” fingers. This is where the energy of creativity is born. The need for the spotlight is easy to see in the ring finger. Any weaknesses showing in this finger can indicate that a person’s creative potential is being stifled for some reason. A strong ring finger is a great indication that a person is comfortable expressing themselves in any way that appeals to them. This could be from writing, singing, acting or any kind of artistic medium.

It’s fair to say that those with a three life path number never lose their fun-loving, adventurous dispositions. They are always game for a good time and seldom tire of social gatherings. Do you suppose Dick Clark was a three? After all, he was America’s oldest living teenager! Although Dick did not share a 3 life path number he was born on the 30th in a 3 universal year. Now there’s an example of three energy at work!

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