Numerology Number 1 – Life Path, Birth Day and Personal Year

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Do you remember as a child how important it was to be number one? Remember what it was like to be the “special one” chosen by the teacher to run those important errands to the principal’s office? Remember how high you stretched your hand up so she couldn’t possibly overlook you? Did you ever race to the store to be the first in line so you could be the hero Christmas morning in the eyes of your child? If you are like most people, you will at some time in your life have experienced the need to be number one.

Are You in a Personal Year of 1?

The number one holds some very interesting vibrations. In terms of Numerology, we can observe the number one in many areas of life. Let’s consider the first year in a nine year epicycle. Remember that an epicycle is made up of 9 years with each of these years holding a predictable vibration that will produce a sort of “theme” within that year. Consider the year of one if you will. The number one signifies a time of new beginnings. Anything you do in a year of one will dramatically influence your next nine years. New ideas will come to the forefront as we forge our way into new experiences. We feel a need to get moving. The universe is very wise as it provides us with the physical energy necessary to keep up with this new pace of moving forward. It is a time of renewal when we can feel free to plant the seeds of our new dreams. The higher vibration of the one year is a welcome relief from the lower energy of the nine year. The nine year which precedes a year of one, is a time of many endings with lots of letting go to be done. It is a year filled with uncertainty while the year of one holds hope and promise for all that will come. It’s important to recognize the value in a year of one so you can harness its energy while making new plans for your future! Go ahead! Go crazy! Let the manifesting begin!

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Those born with a life path number of one are the true leaders among us. You will often notice that their index fingers are the most dominant finger on their hand. The finger will often be high set off the palm too. While acting out the positive vibration of the number one, these people are the inventors, initiators, pioneers, and visionaries. They are recognized as original thinkers who are always independent by nature. They are entrepreneurs and self-starters. They often seek to achieve recognition for their efforts. Numerology asks us to observe both the positive and the negative qualities of each number. When someone acts on the negative side of one they can be overly dominant, aggressive, overly focused, irrational and stubborn. As you can see, the number one can be a force to be reckoned with! Tom Cruise is a classic example of a life path number one. He is a leader in his industry with a drive for success. He never avoids controversial acting roles and is not afraid of adversarial subjects in the press. He is independent with a capital “I”! Does he border on the negative side of the number one? I guess it depends on how you view him. I’m sure he has been a huge driving force behind his successful career which has led him to the fame and fortune he truly desired. Obviously, there is no mission impossible for him!

Were You Born on the 1st, 10th, 19th or 28th day?

It’s interesting to know that even if your life path number is not a number one you can still share many of the characteristics that the vibration of one provides. If for example you were born on the 1st, 10th, 19th or 28th day of the month, you will share the vibration of one that will be clearly seen in your personality. Think of someone you know who was born on one of these days. Are they independent? Are they leaders as opposed to followers? Do they seek to be noticed? It’s amazing how much you can know about a person just by knowing the day they were born on! The strength of the vibration of one can be very helpful to the person born under a less aggressive life path number. Let’s look at how the vibration of one helps the vibration of two. The life path number of two has a softer vibration around it. They tend to be more sensitive and less aggressive people. However, being born on a day that produces a one vibration will provide those with sensitive life paths the edge of assertiveness that will help to balance out the weaker sides of the two vibration.

Next month we will further explore the vibration around the number two. In the meantime, try noticing the number one around you. You may want to take notice of those people born on the first day of the month or whose birth day number adds up to a one. (28 is actually 2+8=10 1+0=1 Remember to always reduce the double-digit to a single one.) Notice if they have the qualities of the leader as described above. I promise the observations will astound you!

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