Numerology Courses


*Free* Uncover Your Karmic Lessons & Karmic Debts With Numerology

Uncover Your Karmic Lessons and Karmic Debts With Numerology explores how karmic lessons and debts affect our journey in this lifetime! I will teach you how to uncover these hidden clues from your birth chart!

I'll let you in on a secret. I'm a simple kind of gal and I like complicated subjects to be broken down into language I can understand and relate to! I have no doubt you do too!

This FREE course will help you to identify if you in fact have any karmic lessons or debts which can be uncovered using SIMPLE to apply Numerology applications.

Trust me! I am no Math wizard!!! This is simple math at it's best!

Uncover Your Life Purpose With Numerology

In this course I will be teaching you how to uncover your life's unique purpose! I will be helping you to understand your strengths and your weaknesses. Let's look at the lessons that YOU asked to learn this time around! And seeing as we are at it we may as well look at all those ummmmm...challenging relationships in your life! Spouses? Children? Parents (now there's a whole course all by itself!)  


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4 Week Numerology Keener Course

This unique Numerology Reading spans over a 4 week period. Each week we meet over Zoom (simple free downloadable program)  for 2hrs to delve deeper into your Soul’s contract. If you are a “Numerology Keener” and serious about learning who you incarnated to be…then this is YOUR course!

If you like to have fun and learn best by having someone teach you LIVE rather than learning from the books….this is definitely YOUR course!

This workshop is designed to teach you the basics of Numerology while working on YOUR chart. I call it an “Experiential Reading” as it is, in fact, a reading but it expands over 4 weeks so that you can fully understand YOUR chart and also teach you how to explore charts for others as well.


Because this work attracts a global clientele, fees are charged in US dollars. Canadian clients, please note, for ease of booking you are charged in $US. I will incur the tax that would normally be applied to that fee.