How Can You Be Sure You Are a Master 11?


When I was first introduced to Numerology several years ago, I was taught to simply add up all of the numbers in my date of birth to reveal my life path number.

My date of birth added up to the number 34, which, when reduced comes to a 7. I studied what the 7 was all about and, yup, that pretty much described me.

But along with the 7 comes the extreme analyst. I wasn’t satisfied with “just” being a 7.

As I got deeper into my studies, I learned about the sub-lessons related to your life path number. This required me to learn the value of each number from 1 to 9. Fair enough. I can do that. But wait, what? That meant that my sub-lessons would relate to the numbers 3 and 4 to make up my main lesson of 7.

Now I was really confused because I felt that I didn’t really have any challenges related to the 3 and the 4. What now?

Then I was introduced to the work of Matthew Oliver Goodwin who suggested the best way to calculate your life path number is to break it down in pieces.

For example:

March = 3
25th day = 2+5 = 7
1959 = 1+9+5+9 = 24   2+4=6
Now add 3+7+6 = 16/7

Eureka!! THOSE were sub-lessons I could sink my teeth into! Those lessons were totally on point AND they also uncovered a karmic debt that I’m confident I’m working on in this lifetime.

So that was the holy grail to me. You could not convince me otherwise that there was any other way to calculate life path numbers than the method shared by Matthew Oliver Goodwin.

Fast forward 15 years. After doing thousands of Numerology readings, I have discovered that there really is more than one way to calculate a life path number. Who knew?

Here’s where the Master 11’s come in.

Many times, when I would apply my preferred calculation method to a birth date, my client would come up as a 20/2 life path. This would often bring in a lot of disappointment for my client because they were sure they were a master 11.

The funny thing about the master 11 is that some feel there is some kind of notoriety associated with having this life path number. Let me assure you, it’s much easier to be a 20/2 life path than an 11/2 life path.

But upon closer examination, I have learned that the disappointment is more than lacking the title of master 11. The disappointment is because when you “feel” like a master 11… you ARE a master 11! Master 11’s have a hard enough time connecting and feeling validated.

Now that being said, the term “Master 11” is typically reserved for those whose date of birth adds up to an 11 REGARDLESS of how you do the calculation.

Master 11’s have a unique vibration that is much higher than most.

This can cause them to feel disconnected and misunderstood. They often feel like this isn’t their planet and that no one speaks their language. They struggle with relationships because they just can’t cope with superficiality. They desperately need to connect on a much deeper level than most.

Master 11’s feel like they are meant to be doing something much bigger than what they are currently doing. They often suffer from anxiety and depression because the need to create something that will inspire others and improve humanity is REAL. They hold such old cellular memory that they often feel like time is running out for them. Does any of this sound like you?

It is also possible that your birth name may add up to 11 or possibly you were born on the 11th day. You will definitely feel the unique sensitivity the 11’s feel.

And beyond your date of birth and birth name, it is possible that you may be affected by an 11-cycle showing up in your chart.

So, just because you aren’t a master 11 as defined by your date of birth, does not mean you won’t feel like one. There is a myriad of ways the 11 can show up in your soul signature.

What I’m trying to say is this: If you sincerely feel the effects of the master 11 energy, don’t let any methodology stand in your way of being just that. It’s important to tap into the lessons you have personally agreed to learn.

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