CSC Event – Serenity With Self Through NLP


Thursday, June 27th, 2024 @ 6pm ET:

Join Transformational NLP Practitioner, Delilah Abaya as she opens up this circle to a Clarity Seekers’ member who will allow her to demonstrate how compassionate inquiry and Neuro Linguistic programming can help one uncover and heal old subconscious wounds and patterns. Those who are curious about what occurs in a Serenity with Self – NLP Session with Delilah will have an opportunity to witness and be a part of the healing container. Oftentimes, our collective consciousness presents very similar and familiar themes that we all share and also heal by hearing other people’s stories and experiences! This circle will meet on the last Thursday of each month at 3pm Pacific Time. This session will be recorded.

Circle Leader: Delilah Abaya

Delilah Abaya is a Certified Transformational NLP Practitioner in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Delilah can help you gain clarity on what it is you would like in your life using the abundant toolbox from the realm of Neurolinguistic Programming. Utilizing her experience as a Yoga teacher, as well as her own life experience participating in and facilitating safe spaces, she effortlessly guides you to a deep understanding of yourself and what conditioning and programming is in conflict with what you truly desire at the subconscious level. 

Her focus is on holding a compassionate understanding of all parts of you, allowing space for unexpressed emotions to be seen and heard, and nurturing what shows up to allow for you to find Serenity with Self. 

Every experience with Delilah is a magical one!

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