CSC Event – Human Design Mini Readings With Maureen Webb


Monday, August 12th at 6pm ET:

Today’s Topic – Human Design Mini Readings!! Join Coach Maureen Webb as she opens this LIVE chat to…well…anything goes! Maureen is a Human Design & Gene Keys Coach with a healthy background in Astrology too. You’ve got questions? Maureen has answers! THIS DISCUSSION WILL BE RECORDED.

Masterclass Leader: Maureen Webb


I’m Maureen Webb – Certified Life Coach and Human Design shadow guide. Using Human Design, Shadow Work and Nervous System Regulation Tools, I help uncover and heal the limiting beliefs that are stifling your growth and stoping you from reaching your truest potential. With my unique skill set, I am pioneering a new way to provide my clioents with crystal sharp clarity on how to live an aughentic, unapologetic and joyful life.

I value individual truth, authenticity and curiosity.  Making the most out of life and discovering yourself along the way requires a leap of faith, and the rewards are well worth it. As someone who quit a 16 year law enforcement career to move across the country to follow her heart, I have first hand experience of this process.

I am fully committed to being an agent of transformation for those ready for the epic adventure. It is my mission to help navigate my clients into claiming their unique power and unapologetically living the life they were meant to. Let’s do this!


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