CSC Event – How Does Ascension Affect Our Emotional and Energetic Bodies?


Tuesday, April 23rd at 7pm ET:

What if a shift in our well-being was possible and easy? Would you believe it? Would you be willing to do it?

Supporting our well-being beyond the physical requires attention, awareness and intuition (among other things). Being responsible for our energetic and spiritual health sometimes also means asking for help. We do truly know everything we need to know but sometimes we have forgotten how to access it or perhaps we have barriers or blocks in the way that others can see what is going on more clearly.

Masterclass Leader: Heather Ann Drummond

Heather Ann enjoys keeping things simple. She uses her intuition and knowledge to work with her clients. She has been a naturopath since 2005 and she enjoys empowering people with all aspects of their well-being through her Health Assessments. The Health Assessment is a conversation in which the body and soul lead the process so the client can receive a personalized experience that supports all aspects of their well-being.

Heather Ann loves empowering people with knowledge and skills to help them support themselves. She has an innovative and unique way of seeing the world and how everything is connected. She is a true believer in the power of transformation. She learned from personal experience that self-care is non-negotiable for everyone.

Growing up Heather Ann always had an affinity for animals. Everything she does with her human clients, she enjoys doing for her animal clients. She has put together a unique toolbox to support and optimize her clients physical, emotional and energetic well-being. Heather Ann has found great joy in including animals in her practice. She also loves working to support owners and build better connections with their animals. Heather’s intuition over the years has brought her to work with dogs, cats and horses. She loves being able to collaborate with her clients because everyone’s intuition and knowledge are important to the process.

Supporting people and animals with tools to reduce their stress and inflammation while optimizing their emotional and energetic health is what inspires Heather. She feels blessed being able to do this for a living.

Heather Ann has training and certifications in Holistic Nutrition, Access Consciousness* Access Bars, Facelift and other Access Consciousness trainings, Acupuncture, Reflexology, Orthomolecular Medicine, Theta Healing, Various Energy Medicine techniques, Bach Flower Essences and “The School of Life”. Listening to the energy since 2005 and having her own life lessons as a teacher as well as working with her clients has taught her many ways to support people on their journey through Ascension and in life. Her website is

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