CSC Event – Command Cell & The Healing Vortex With Clinical Hypnotherapist Lana Grant

Healing Vortex

Wednesday, July 10th, 7pm ET:

The Trilogy Master Class Series is Here!

“Bio-Hacking Your Subconscious Mind with Hypnosis and 9D Breathwork!”

Part One

Join CCHT Lana Grant as she shares a custom curated journey that will bring you into a deeper connection with your subconscious mind to help reactivate, reset and revitalize your mind and body to receive better commands and signals from you for an ultimate wellness reboot. This is Part One in a Trilogy Master Series! “Bio-Hacking Your Subconscious Mind with Hypnosis and 9D Breathwork!”​ More details to follow.

Part Two –    Wednesday, August 21st at 7pm ET
                      Past Life Regression Hypnosis

Part Three – Wednesday, September 11th at 7pm ET
                     9D Breathwork – The Origin Journey

NOTE: These classes will NOT be recorded so please set your intention to attend them LIVE.

Masterclass Leader: Clinical Hypnotherapist, Rapid Transformational Therapist, 9D Breathwork Coach & Facilitator

Lana Grant is a Rapid Transformational Therapist (RTT), Clinical Hypnotherapist, Transformational Breathwork Coach and 9D Breathwork Facilitator. She also has a bounty of other support training and gifts, which she uses to help her clients shed their limiting beliefs, blocks and body/mind stored past trauma and emotions, so they can be free to reclaim their best life!

Lana is also an award winning Singer-songwriter with 8 albums to her credit, a 19 year Emergency Service career as a 1st Responder and she runs Life Changing Women’s Wellness Retreats.

Lana brings magic to everything she does and we are just thrilled she has chosen to share time with us in the Clarity Seekers Community.

Disclaimer: Note that the Master Classes in The CSC are not intended to be a substitute for mental health care by certified psychologists and practitioners or mental health care professionals.  or

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