Your Date of Birth Can Make or Break a Relationship!


One of the number one questions I am asked as a Numerologist is “Who am I compatible with?” Wow. That’s a big question and not always the easiest to answer.

Our birth date creates our Life Path Number. This is the number which holds the main lessons we are intended to learn in this lifetime. It also points to a direction that we are traveling in. There are 3 categories that I look at when counseling people on who they may be compatible with. These categories are considered to be “Natural Matches.”

Those who have the life path numbers of 1, 5 & 7 are the thinkers. These are the people who sometimes have a hard time connecting the dots between their heads and their hearts.

Those who have the life path numbers of 2, 4 & 8 are the business people. They are practical and down to earth. They are methodical about how they do things and they simply like to get the job done.

Those who have the life path numbers of 3, 6 & 9 are the creative ones. They are always cooking up ways to create something new.

And so the theory is that the above groups of people are considered to be natural matches. They kind of “get each other.” So let’s look at that for a moment.

If we put a life path number of a 1 with a 2 we may find this to be a really challenging relationship. The 1 life path knows only one speed and that’s full speed ahead! They like the lime light and want to be right underneath of it! The 2 life path number wants nothing to do with being noticed. They want to stay clear of the limelight at all costs!

By observing the life path number which is based upon your date of birth we can draw pretty good conclusions as to who is a good match and who isn’t. Or can we?

There are 4 core numbers that I look at in a birth chart. The first is the life path number derived from your date of birth. The second is your expression number which is derived from your birth name. This is where your talents lie. The third is your Hearts Desire number which is also derived from your birth name. This is the number which shows us your passions. Then we have your birth day number as well.

It is possible to share incompatible life path numbers but still get along very well. If you have other core numbers which are compatible you can often over come the challenges typically faced with incompatible life path numbers. So in the case of someone who has a 1 life path number and their partner who has a 2 life path number, they might find common ground if their expression numbers or their hearts desire numbers are natural matches. They can meet on middle ground this way.

We cannot simply say that if you are a 1, 5 or 7 that you will be compatible. That would be like saying because you are an Aries you will get along with another Aries! The science of Numerology and Astrology are so complex that they embrace so many facets of who we are. There are so many pieces to the puzzle that either makes or breaks your relationship. Where your Numerology chart is determined by your date of birth and your birth name, your Astrological chart is determined by the time of your birth and the position of the planets when you were born.

In order to really see if your relationship is destined to work or not,  you really do need to consider all of the four core numbers in your birth chart  that create your soul’s contract or your blueprint for your life.

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So how do we know if this difficult time in our relationship is a lifetime issue or simply a passing phase?

When I do relationship compatibility readings I look firstly at the full Numerology charts of each person. Who are you? What are your passions? What are your lessons? What karmic debts are affecting you right now?  Then I look at how the two of your charts blend together. Very seldom do I see two charts that are completely incompatible. You are brought together for a reason! Something attracted you to one another in the first place.

The next thing I look for in a Relationship Compatibility Reading is where you both are in your personal years. Maybe you are in a personal year of one and keen to get new things started while your partner is in a year of 9 which is all about winding things up and releasing things that are no longer serving you well. Your personal year is determined by your date of birth.

The nine year epicycle is an enormous tool in assisting us in our relationships. Understanding that each year holds a very distinctive vibration is key. If your partner is in a personal year of 7 it might explain why he/she is not really “present” right now. The year of 7 pulls a person into a 12 month cycle of quiet reflection and causes them to retreat into their “caves!”  If you are in a personal year of 2 you might be feeling really tired this year. You just want to hang out on the couch with your partner while spending some quiet time together. But what happens if your partner is in a personal year of 3 which says they are feeling energetic and social?  This can leave you both feeling at odds and if you don’t realize that this IS just a phase you may be inclined to determine the fate of your relationship based upon how the temporary phases are affecting you as a couple right now.

If you understand how the 9 year epicycle affects you, then you have a natural appreciation for how it will also affect your partner and the reality that this too shall pass!

If you are at odds right now, be sure to check out where you both are in this 9 year cycle. Maybe this is just a phase. Let’s face it! Some years are just better than others! But before you make any hasty decisions around the future of your relationship, you owe it to yourselves to check out where you both are. Be sure to check out my website for a description of the 9 year cycle.

I have also produced this video for you that will lead you through the Epicycles year by year!

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Ann Perry
Professional Numerologist