To HEAL Or Not To HEAL. You Hold The Power.


I like to “play” with the vibration of various words. In Numerology we assign numeric value to each letter. These numbers create vibrations and the vibrations produce predictable characteristics. Today I was looking at the word HEAL. So here is how it breaks down.

H=8     E=5    A=1    L=3

The total of these letters = 17.
Then we reduce the number 17 to (1+7=8)

The 8 energy is all about how you observe how much power you have in your life AND how much you may be giving away. You see everyone is born equal in spirit. We all have the ability to CHOOSE how we use our power. So on closer examination of this equation the 1 and the 7 are very important. The “1” is you. It also reflects your creative potential and how confident you are. The “7” energy is the spiritual side of you. It asks you to be reflective about your power and how you use it or abuse it.

So in a nutshell the word HEAL vibrates at a 17/8. “You (1) are being asked to reflect (7) upon what you are doing to emPOWER (8) your health or how are you disemPOWERing your opportunity to HEAL. Remember that the (1) is about developing your confidence in your creative potential. If you are not well and you want to HEAL you need to ask yourself what more could you be doing to take back your power and HEAL. Thoughts?

Ann Perry
Professional Numerologist