How Can Your Birth Date Contribute to Your Depression?

Did you know that some people are just more predisposed to experiencing depression than others? It’s true! Some birth dates create life path numbers which are more likely to experience depression than others.


And what’s even more interesting is that YOU chose your birth date!

Before you incarnated into this lifetime you sat down with a group of spiritual guides and counselors. You reviewed your previous lifetime and decided which areas in your life needed to be further worked on. You may have decided that you needed to return so you could explore your creative potential further. This would cause you to include the number 3 in your birth code. You may have felt that you needed to learn more about setting healthy boundaries in your life so you included the 8 energy in your birth code.

You see, each number holds a vibration and each vibration produces a predictable characteristic.

So the fact that YOU “CHOSE” your birth date also infers that you “CHOSE” your life lessons too! Some of these challenges can be tough and bring on feelings of sadness, frustration and even depression.

Take for example the life path number of the 7. The 7’s are known for needing time alone. They don’t always connect well with other people because of their need to be alone. And yet…everyone needs to have someone in their lives. 7’s often suffer separations and divorce causing feelings of sadness that can often lead to depression.

Those with the Life Path number of 8 are often very dominant people. Their large personalities can intimidate people causing them difficulties in the romance and relationship department!

I hope you will take a moment to watch my video on “How Your Birth Date Can Contribute To Your Depression.” Please share it with anyone you feel may benefit.