Is Changing Your Name a Good Idea?


I honestly don’t know a whole lot about Howard and I certainly haven’t been a big follower of his over the years until he started judging on my favorite show “America’s Got Talent.” My biggest introduction to him was via Sirius Radio on a long trip from Winnipeg to South Indian Lake, Manitoba. My son Jeff is a huge Howard fan. He lives by his every word and is often found yelling “That’s Howard! He’s the man!!” Well when you are a captive passenger in a vehicle whose radio station is permanently tuned into the Howard Stern show…you can learn a lot about guy in 12 hours!

When Howard began judging on AGT, curiosity got the best of me and as usual I looked up his birth information. It’s not hard to see that Howard has a life path number of 5. Gee. So does my son. Who knew?! Those who share a life path number of 5 are lovers of freedom. You can’t contain them in a 9-5 job for long. They bore really easily and are totally governed by their free spirit. Many 5’s like Howard are seekers of the media. They thrive on the lime light and will explore all sorts of creative ways to make a living like writing, radio and film. No one can say that Howard is not a risk taker. He has been fired from more jobs than even he would want to acknowledge! But he took risks and they paid off. He has made an amazing living being obnoxious, quick witted and offensive. There are no boundaries with Howard. 

There is one constant with those who are 5’s. They love change and the unexpected. They say it like it is and they live every second in the moment. I think it’s safe to say that Howard speaks his mind and doesn’t care about how his message is received. It’s more important for him to speak the truth and if the truth hurts then so be it. The ratings on AGT can only go up as people anticipate the unexpected coming out of Howard’s mouth. When he announced his retirement from AGT last night…I almost felt a wee bit of sadness!

Howard was born January 12, 1954. The fact that he was born on the 12 tells me his is also governed by 3 energy. Three’s are creative and have a wonderful gift to be able to communicate often times in unconventional ways. Herein lays his sense of humor and the very essence of how he makes his living.

Howard’s birth name is Howard Allen Stern. When a numerologist looks at a person’s name on their birth certificate, each letter produces a vibration and each vibration produces a predictable characteristic. Howard’s birth name provided a 9 Expression number. The 9 is the humanitarian, the philanthropist, the nature lover and lover of mankind and animals. Hmm. The expression number is the face we show the world. Howard sure doesn’t feel all that worldly to me! I just don’t see that 9 vibration at all. So why is that?

Howard dropped his middle name “Allen.” He opted to be referred to as simply Howard Stern instead of his full birth name. When he did this, his Expression number changed from a 9 to a 1. The one energy is that of the pioneer, the competitor, the leader and the driven among us. It is a highly successful number that is often seen in those who are extremely creative and independent. Now that feels more like the Howard we all know and love. (Ok. I might be pushing it here just a bit!)

The other interesting component to Howard’s chart is that his birth name provided him with yet another 5 in his Heart’s Desire. Double fives mean double the need for freedom from the norm. Unconventional is a word that comes to mind! When Howard dropped “Allen” his Hearts Desire changed from a 5 to an 8. Wow! Now that was a brilliant move on his part! Do you suppose he conferred with a Numerologist before he did it?!

Dropping his middle name brought in a much more “fortunate” vibration and might help to explain the extraordinary wealth he has accrued in this lifetime. The 8 is much more focused than the 5. Had he kept the 5 vibration he may have lost his focus and squandered his life away by simply living in the moment with no plan for the future. He was heavy in 5 energy so dropping his middle name gave him a much more balanced blueprint for his life.

Sometimes dropping a middle name or changing your name entirely can be a good idea. It isn’t always a good idea but it surely played out well for Howard!

Ann Perry
Professional Numerologist