What is the Heart's Desire Number and How Does it Differ From Other Numbers?

The Heart's Desire number is often referred to as the Soul's Urge Number. It identifies what you truly want out of life but because it is the 3rd core number it holds less intensity than the 1st core number being the Life path number. The Heart's Desire number is often difficult to feel. In this video, we explore how the Heart's Desire number differs from the Life Path and Expression Number.

3 Ways Numerology Can Crush Your Fears

A basic understanding of the cycles affecting your everyday experience goes a long way to helping you feel more confident and less fearful. Recognizing the sub lessons and main lesson in your life path number helps you to understand that life isn't happening TO you! Life is happening THROUGH you! Knowing what your talents and gifts are can be a super confidence builder. All of this can be explored through your Numerology.

What Does The First Vowel In Your Name Say About You?


I am guessing that when you think about the word “Numerology” you are thinking about numbers. Right?

Well a Numerologist also pays close attention to the letters in your birth name as well. Each letter is assigned numeric value which gives each letter a predictable vibration around it.

Here is the alphabet with its numerical vibration associated with it.

So today I want you to look at the first vowel in your first name. This will be the first name on your birth certificate.

Each vowel vibrates at a different vibration. The first vowel helps to reveal the core of who you are. Others might not always see these qualities but you secretly can identify with them. Here we go!


The “A” vibrates with the energy of the number 1. When you have the A as your first vowel your tendency is to respond to the world in a rather impulsive yet creative way. You see yourself as hardworking and driven. You have a need to be acknowledged and you thrive with positive feedback. You will often work harder and be more accountable to someone outside of yourself. You want to make a difference while you’re here! You have a drive to be independent, original, and number one at all you do. This can lead to an overly excessive need for perfection. You’re a seeker of truth and wisdom and yet there is a negative tape that plays over and over again inside of you…beating yourself up – particularly when you have a mistake or that you feel you have failed in some area of your life. While you might ask for feedback, you can be overly sensitive to criticism.
So much of this rings true for me! Is “A” the first vowel in your name? What are your thoughts? ( I sure can relate to this!!! LOL!)


The first vowel in your name can give you and those around you a better idea of how you respond to events or experiences in your life. It gives you a view of the inner you. It’s not necessarily something others actually see but it is something you will likely feel.

If the first vowel in your name is an “E” you tend to respond to your world with enthusiasm, energy and excitement! You goal is to always maintain your sense of freedom. You might react quickly but don’t under estimate your instinctive and intuitive ability. You are curious and thrive on change. Routine bores you to death. You are very likable and have an interest in trying pretty much anything! You have a sensuous appetite for life. You love good food and may suffer addictions that could involve anything from food, drugs, alcohol….anything! You can easily become emotionally drained by other people. Does this ring true for some of you?

The “ I”  vibrates to the energy of the number 9.  When you have the  “I “ as the first vowel in  your first name you have a tendency  to respond to the world like an old soul who carries a lot of soulful wisdom with them. You are the humanitarian. You care so much about the other guy. You have worldly, global interests. You are very charitable and would share the shirt off your back. You have a hard time watching the “Save the Children” programs on tv. You want to save the world!  You approach things with responsibility and compassion.  You can display the patience of a saint. You have a great memory and like an elephant….if you are crossed you never forget. You have lessons around letting go and forgiveness.   You often experience challenges with your family. You may feel a huge sense of responsibility for them. You often feel guilty when no guilt is necessary. You need to be outdoors in nature. If “I” is your first vowel in your first name….can you feel the truth in the above description?


The “O”  vibrates to the energy of the number 6.  When you have the “O” as your first vowel your tendency is to respond to the world with contradiction. You are here to make a point!  You can appear humble and yet at the same time you can be strong-willed. You can also be independent yet helpless.  The 6 energy can make you wise yet self-righteous at the same time.  You are protective of your  friends and family with a huge need to be of  service to others.  You have challenges around your overwhelming sense of responsibility to friends and especially family. You can become annoyed when others make demands of you and yet they don’t listen to your advice.  You benefit when you take the time to step back and find creative solutions to problems rather than immediately reacting. Your highest and best use is when you’re leading others in a position of authority rather than following. You have lessons to learn about establishing balance in your life. Before you jump in to rescue someone you need to step back and ask yourself “Is this really MY responsibility?” “Who am I really trying to rescue here?” You also need to become aware of the way in which you teach others how to treat you. How does this ring true for those of you with “O” as your first vowel?


The “U” vibrates at  the energy of the number 3.  When you have the “U” as your first vowel your tendency is to respond to the world with a sense of humor. You are a great communicator! Write! Speak! Sing! Find your voice! You often seek  spiritual enlightenment and respond to life with energy and spontaneity. You are extremely creative and need to find ways to express yourself.  You are often a lively storyteller and can embellish a story to make it more interesting.  You are meant to be on stage!  You’re led by your emotions – yet you often don’t know how to manage your emotions immediately and can experience “explosions” or “implosions” of emotional energy.  You have so many creative ideas “downloading” all the time that you often lose your focus. Those of you who have “U” as your first vowel….can you relate to this?


There are times when a traditional vowel does not appear in your first name. For example “Lynn” or “Wyman”. In this case the “Y”  is the vowel observed by a Numerologist and it is the letter that vibrates to the vibration of the number 7. When you have the “y” as the first vowel in your name you have a very fine and analytical mind. You often over think things which may cause you to doubt your decisions. You are generally more of a spiritual person rather than a religious one. You are very intuitive and should work hard to trust your intuition. You are very sensitive, especially to criticism. You wound deeply because you have difficulty expressing your emotions. You require a great deal of time alone but can risk taking this alone time to an extreme. It’s easy for you to retreat by yourself. You trust most people but often have difficulty trusting yourself.

Ann Perry
Professional Numerologist

How Can Your Birth Date Contribute to Your Depression?

Did you know that some people are just more predisposed to experiencing depression than others? It’s true! Some birth dates create life path numbers which are more likely to experience depression than others.


And what’s even more interesting is that YOU chose your birth date!

Before you incarnated into this lifetime you sat down with a group of spiritual guides and counselors. You reviewed your previous lifetime and decided which areas in your life needed to be further worked on. You may have decided that you needed to return so you could explore your creative potential further. This would cause you to include the number 3 in your birth code. You may have felt that you needed to learn more about setting healthy boundaries in your life so you included the 8 energy in your birth code.

You see, each number holds a vibration and each vibration produces a predictable characteristic.

So the fact that YOU “CHOSE” your birth date also infers that you “CHOSE” your life lessons too! Some of these challenges can be tough and bring on feelings of sadness, frustration and even depression.

Take for example the life path number of the 7. The 7’s are known for needing time alone. They don’t always connect well with other people because of their need to be alone. And yet…everyone needs to have someone in their lives. 7’s often suffer separations and divorce causing feelings of sadness that can often lead to depression.

Those with the Life Path number of 8 are often very dominant people. Their large personalities can intimidate people causing them difficulties in the romance and relationship department!

I hope you will take a moment to watch my video on “How Your Birth Date Can Contribute To Your Depression.” Please share it with anyone you feel may benefit.

To HEAL Or Not To HEAL. You Hold The Power.


I like to “play” with the vibration of various words. In Numerology we assign numeric value to each letter. These numbers create vibrations and the vibrations produce predictable characteristics. Today I was looking at the word HEAL. So here is how it breaks down.

H=8     E=5    A=1    L=3

The total of these letters = 17.
Then we reduce the number 17 to (1+7=8)

The 8 energy is all about how you observe how much power you have in your life AND how much you may be giving away. You see everyone is born equal in spirit. We all have the ability to CHOOSE how we use our power. So on closer examination of this equation the 1 and the 7 are very important. The “1” is you. It also reflects your creative potential and how confident you are. The “7” energy is the spiritual side of you. It asks you to be reflective about your power and how you use it or abuse it.

So in a nutshell the word HEAL vibrates at a 17/8. “You (1) are being asked to reflect (7) upon what you are doing to emPOWER (8) your health or how are you disemPOWERing your opportunity to HEAL. Remember that the (1) is about developing your confidence in your creative potential. If you are not well and you want to HEAL you need to ask yourself what more could you be doing to take back your power and HEAL. Thoughts?

Ann Perry
Professional Numerologist

What is a Karmic Debt & How Do I Know if I Have One?


Many people ask me “How do I know if I have any karmic debts?”

My response is very simple. I typically ask them if they see any repeating patterns in their life. Are you constantly having issues in any area of your life? Maybe you are always struggling with money. Maybe you continue to sabotage your relationships. Maybe you are battling addictions. Is it possible that you avoid any level of responsibility in your life?

Karmic debts can be complicated but at the same time they can be painfully simple too.

So before you chose to incarnate into this lifetime you would have given a lot of consideration to what you wanted to learn in this lifetime. You may have said “I wasn’t very patient in my previous lifetime so I’m going to include the number 2 energy in my date of birth so I can attract opportunities to learn about patience this time around. I am also going to include the energy of the number 3 in my date of birth because I need to work on expressing myself more easily.” So you chose the numbers in your date of birth and you also chose the letters in your birth name.

Your birth name identifies “karmic lessons.” Karmic lessons are simply areas of weakness that you feel need to be improved upon this time around. They are identified by missing letters in your name.

Your birth date identifies if there are any Karmic debts present. Karmic debts hold a much heavier energy. Karmic debts show up when we need to make amends for bad behavior in previous lifetimes.  The karmic debt number gives us major clues as to what that bad behavior was and it helps us to understand what sorts of behaviors we are making amends for in this lifetime. It’s payment for abuse of the energy of the karmic number attached to it. Let me explain further.

There are 4 karmic debts that can be seen in a date of birth. These include the numbers 13, 14, 16 and 19.

So if you were born on the 13th, 14th, 16th or 19th you are here to make amends for having abused the energy associated with these numbers in a previous lifetime.

If your life path number is that of a 13/4, 14/5, 16/7 or a 19/1 then you also have a karmic debt to work out in this lifetime. Note: Karmic Debts can also been seen in your Hearts Desire and Expression Numbers.

For a lesson on how to figure out your life path number click here http://www.annperrynumerologist.com/life-path-number/

If you have a 13/4 as one of your Core Numbers (Life Path, Expression, Heart’s Desire, Birth Day or Personality #’s)


You are here to pay back a debt for lazy behavior in a previous lifetime. You shirked responsibility and avoided carrying your share of the work load. You likely took many short cuts to avoid taking the time necessary to get the job done efficiently. You can make amends for this debt by practicing communicating and expressing yourself in more positive ways. Think things through before you speak. Consider the impact of your words and use them constructively to support and empower people rather than to break them down. Develop a step by step process to achieve success in your life. Stop pointing the finger outside of yourself. Take responsibility for your actions. Own your stuff!  Some of the issues that you may be challenged with if you have this karmic debt are:

  • Blaming everyone else for any limitations you feel in your life

  • Being bossy and stubborn

  • Negative attitude towards life in general

  • Being very inflexible and rigid in your thinking

  • It’s your way or the highway kind of attitude

  • Always needing to be in control because no one could possibly do it better than you.

  • Blaming others for your failures

  • Being lazy

If you have a 14/5 as one of your Core Numbers (Life Path, Expression, Heart’s Desire, Birth Day or Personality #’s)


You have this karmic debt because you abused your sense of freedom in a past life. You acted selfishly at the expense of others. You were likely very irresponsible related to anything connected to your senses. This could include, drugs, alcohol, food etc. You let people down by your irresponsible behavior and selfish need to satisfy your own desires. The number 5 supports the lessons connected to the constructive use of freedom. This karmic debt asks you to examine your use of freedom balanced with a need for self discipline in all areas of your life. You can make amends for this debt by practicing moderation in all things. You need to realize that adding structure and routine to your life will actually help you in the long run. Developing a solid foundation for yourself will give you the freedom you really crave. Set goals for yourself. Create “to do” lists and follow through with them. Remain flexible and adaptable especially when things don’t play out the way you hoped they would. Stay on track and committed to your goals and success. Be open to change. Welcome the unexpected with a sense of curiosity as to what the change might bring! Keep focused on the task at hand.


Some of the issues that you may be challenged with if you have this karmic debt are:

  • A huge need for freedom which cause you to sabotage relationships.

  • Boredom within relationships and jobs. Inability to keep either.

  • Commitment issues.

  • Excessive interest in sex and numerous experiences associated with sex

  • Battles with addictions including (but not limited to) drugs, alcohol, food, gambling or anything that would cause you to act irresponsibly.

  • Feelings of being trapped

  • Inability to connect in long term relationships

  • Inability to exercise self control

If you have a 16/7 as one of your Core Numbers (Life Path, Expression, Heart’s Desire, Birth Day or Personality #’s)


You have this karmic debt because you abused  loving relationships in a previous lifetime. This karmic debt will cause you to possibly feel the need to “prove” that you can be trusted this time around. You will be challenged with not only the reality that others may not trust you but that you may not trust yourself. This number often causes you to “implode” your life more than once. This can include “blowing up your job or relationship” and surprising everyone for your actions. It brings a theme of “rise and fall of the ego.” It is related to the destruction and re-birth of your life many times until you really connect to the spiritual being that you are.  You have likely been involved with love affairs which resulted in a great deal of suffering to others in previous lifetimes. You can make amends for this debt by balancing your need for privacy with social interaction. When you feel reclusive, go outside and connect with nature. Consider other people’s opinions more closely. Become a better listener. Become more consciously aware of how people perceive you. Adjust your behavior to invite people into your space. Learn how to express yourself more intimately so to nurture long standing relationships.

Some of the issues that you may be challenged with if you have this karmic debt are:


  • You may appear indifferent and difficult to approach

  • Your need to be alone may be excessive

  • You experience many failed relationships

  • You may be self-absorbed and lack the ability to connect with others in meaningful relationships

  • You could have difficulty emotionally connecting with others

If you have a 19/1 as one of your Core Numbers (Life Path, Expression, Heart’s Desire, Birth Day or Personality #’s)


You have this karmic debt because you were the master manipulator who used calculated measures to stomp all over people for your own selfish personal gain. You used people in an effort to get ahead. You bullied your way into whatever your heart desired. You can make amends for this debt by being a supportive leader. Share your excitement and enthusiasm with co-workers. Help people to help themselves. Share your vision with others and invite them to share in the rewards. Ask for help when you need it. Resist the need to look like you have it all figured out. Be humble in the company of others and admit that you don’t have all the answers.

Some of the issues that you may be challenged with if you have this karmic debt are

  • Selfishness

  • Manipulator for personal gain

  • Egotistical

  • Poor self confidence

  • Overly dependent

  • Stubborn without good sense to ask for help

  • Lazy

  • Possibly unable to stand up for yourself

  • Totally driven to the exclusion of others

  • Too wrapped up in your appearance

  •  A huge need for lots of “stuff” to appear successful

  • Narcissistic

  • Superficial

Karmic Debts need to be embraced rather than resisted. It’s easy to feel like a victim when the Karmic Debt comes to call. But remember that YOU chose to bring this debt forward. YOU chose to pay back the debt in this life time. If you resist then it will persist! Karmic debts can be super challenging but if you can focus on bringing forth the positive energy associated with your karmic debt then you will pay it back with interest! (Check out the diagram relating to the positive and negative energies associated with each number.)

What is Your Growth Number?


Most commonly during our lives we are referred to as our first name. This is the name that people call us out loud. This name (like all names and words) holds a unique vibration to us. The first name gets repeated over and over during our lives. It’s as if it becomes our mantra which holds an intention. It’s vibration or tone is heard over and over again reinforcing our decision to bring it forward with us. Our first name is our “personal” name that WE chose before we incarnated into this lifetime. We telepathically communicated our birth name to the person who would name us. We choose this name so that it will support the date of birth we also chose for ourselves. Our middle name supports and reinforces our identity and is an integral part of the chosen vibration for our full birth name. Our last name creates the vibration relative to our family. It identifies our family traits and overall theme within the tapestry of our family. The lessons that our family came to learn together in the family unit are discovered in the numerical value of your last name.

The birth date and the birth name are the two elements which make up the birth chart or birth code. This is our blueprint for our lives based upon the lessons we want to learn in this lifetime. So when I refer to a “first name” I am referring to the name that appears “first” on your birth certificate. Even though you may be called by your second or even third name, the Growth Number is determined by the “first name” appearing on your birth certificate. When you are called by any other name than your first birth name, the growth number does not apply. The vibration of “whatever” name you are commonly referred to will indeed have an impact on your life. But you need to remember that YOU chose your birth name so the first name on your birth certificate holds the growth number and was strategically placed as the first name to be a large influence as your growth number.

By adding together all of the letters in your first name and then reducing it to a single digit, we find the Growth Number. Your Growth number holds a significant value in your birth chart but it is not felt as significantly as your four core numbers. (Life Path #, Expression #, Hearts Desire and Birth Day#) The Growth Number adds an energetic vibration to the 4 core numbers while identifying patterns which can support us in our growth and development.  The Growth Number is an interesting number to be aware of as it really does give us some deeper insight into our unique journey.

I have included a picture of the Pythagorean Alphabet. You will see that each number is assigned numerical value. Take each letter in your first name and assign the appropriate number to it. Then add the digits all together. Reduce this number to a single digit. If the number adds up to 11, 22 or 33 you will leave it as a whole number. I have also identified both the positive vibrations and the negative vibrations of each Growth Number. When we are not living up to our potential we can fall to the negative vibration of our Growth Number.

Growth Number 1

The Growth Number 1’s are the perfectionists. They are tremendous leaders with lot’s of initiative and drive. They make great managers especially related to their own business. They are original thinkers and self starting pioneers. They have a creative flare and can often see things “out of the box.” They are typically hard-working driven people with a great eye for detail. They exude confidence especially when they are in charge of any project they are involved in.

Negative Attributes:

Single-minded, intolerant, conceited, narrow-minded, stubborn, controlling, lacking in emotion, passive, follower, aggressive, dependent, weak-willed, arrogance, dominant.

Growth Number 2

The Growth Number 2’s are the peacekeepers. They are naturally driven to be supportive helpers. They make tremendous mediators. They work best one on one in partnerships. They are cooperative and sensitive to others feelings. You require an environment that is free from negative energy. You like to be surrounded in peaceful and harmonious atmosphere’s.

Negative Attributes

Uncooperative, fearful, lacking in determination, dependent, submissive, disagreeable, insensitive, indecisive, pessimistic, inflexible, inconsiderate, fear of being alone.

Growth Number 3

The Growth Number 3’s are joyful, fun loving people. They can be great sales people, empowering speakers, comedians, entertainers and communicators. They are naturally enthusiastic towards life. They are easy going and flexible. They are creative particularly when it comes to communicating and expressing themselves.

Negative Characteristics:

Indifferent, impatient, over-confident, lacking in stamina, easily-hurt, closed-minded, pessimistic, insensitivity, selfish, withdrawn and uncommunicative, anti-social, laziness, sensitivity to criticism, exaggeration, lack of direction, immaturity, sorrow.

Growth Number 4

Growth Number 4’s are the natural managers and organizers. They are the hard working, disciplined planners. They are perfectionists who are supremely organized. They are grounded, earthy people with a big dose of practicality. They are very responsible and typically like to work with a plan in place. They are self starters who simply get the job done from start to finish. They are law abiding and loyal especially towards family.

Negative Attributes:

Obsessed about details, bossy, dominant, inflexible, stingy with money, stubborn, too fixed in routines, always looking at cup half empty, feels limited in life.

Growth Number 5

Growth Number 5’s are the thinkers. They have tremendous imagination. They can be analytical while at the same time quick witted. They are flexible and versatile. They can be talented at so many things. They can adapt to change more easily than any other number. They make great problem solvers due to their original ways of thinking.

Negative Attributes:

Rash, irresponsible, dislikes confinement and routine, inconsistent, unreliable, thoughtless, restless, non-committal, inactivity, stagnation, fear of change, rigid in thought, lacks vitality, fickle, endlessly distracted.

Growth Number 6

Growth Number 6’s are focused primarily on their families be it personal or work families. You are caring, sensitive and responsible. You love to nurture people and sacrifice your own comforts for that of another. You need to be of service to others. You are attracted to animals and thrive in harmonious “homey” atmospheres. You look for the balance in all things.

Negative Attributes:

Disconnected, unaware, hypocritical, moral superiority, weak, unpractical.

Growth Number 7

The Growth Number 7’s are the visionaries. They are the analysts. They are typically optimistic and make good planners. They have quick minds especially relating to spiritual topics. You are a natural detective as you seek out the truth in every situation.

Negative Attributes:

Morbid, hypercritical, inactive, anti-social, pessimistic, silent, dependency, depression, stagnant, lack of persistence, pride, narrowness, distance, rigidity, argumentative, temper.

Growth Number 8

Growth Number 8’s like to be the boss. They make great managers especially while working for someone else. They are business minded. They are goal setters and achievers. They are practical by nature. They have an interest in the material side of life. They know how to build and accumulate wealth in their lives.

Negative Attributes:
Unimaginative, blunt, self-serving, materialistic, ruthless, obsessive, weak, irresponsible, narrow-mindedness, disorganized, anti-social, selfish, instability, restriction, impractical.

Growth Number 9

The Growth Number 9’s are true humanitarians. They thrive on making sacrifices for others especially those less fortunate than themselves. They are the “fixers.” They are hugely dependable, intelligent and often creative. They are deep thinkers and often are drawn to humanitarian or charitable causes.

Negative Attributes:

Disconnected, dreamy, lethargic, inability to concentrate. Frustration with worldly events.

Growth Number 11

Growth Number 11’s hold a master energy similar to the energy of the 2. Master Number 11s have to work hard to establish faith in their intuition as opposed to their rational minds. They need to work on their faith and trust in other people as well as themselves. They are highly intuitive and often psychic.  The Law of Attraction is important to that of the Growth #11’s.  If an 11 expects the worst than he or she will get the worst. If she or he expects the best, then they are usually blessed.

Negative Attributes

Refer to the #2 Growth Number.

Growth Number 22

The Growth Number 22 is the Master Builder. They are the leaders who are here to master their lives in a constructive way. They are the one’s whose vision will be to create a foundation for an organization like that of possibly a shelter, food bank or other humanitarian effort.

Negative Attributes:

Refer to the #4 Growth Number.

Growth Number 33

The number 33 is a Master Number which is the number of the extraordinary teacher. It symbolizes someone who provides guidance and direction to others. They are really good at sharing their life experiences so that others can benefit from their experience. When the 33 embraces their vibration to the fullest they lose any interest in personal ambition and replace that ambition with an interest in others. They are the “Empowerment Specialists!” They love to be motivators while uplifting people and raising their vibrations. They are very devoted to mankind. They want to leave a legacy of positive footprints. To see a 33 embracing their gifts to the fullest is very rare. It is a highly evolved vibration. They need to learn so much before they can teach what they have learned. Sometimes they stop on their path because of feeling overwhelmed by their task.

Ann Perry
Professional Numerologist

Your Date of Birth Can Make or Break a Relationship!


One of the number one questions I am asked as a Numerologist is “Who am I compatible with?” Wow. That’s a big question and not always the easiest to answer.

Our birth date creates our Life Path Number. This is the number which holds the main lessons we are intended to learn in this lifetime. It also points to a direction that we are traveling in. There are 3 categories that I look at when counseling people on who they may be compatible with. These categories are considered to be “Natural Matches.”

Those who have the life path numbers of 1, 5 & 7 are the thinkers. These are the people who sometimes have a hard time connecting the dots between their heads and their hearts.

Those who have the life path numbers of 2, 4 & 8 are the business people. They are practical and down to earth. They are methodical about how they do things and they simply like to get the job done.

Those who have the life path numbers of 3, 6 & 9 are the creative ones. They are always cooking up ways to create something new.

And so the theory is that the above groups of people are considered to be natural matches. They kind of “get each other.” So let’s look at that for a moment.

If we put a life path number of a 1 with a 2 we may find this to be a really challenging relationship. The 1 life path knows only one speed and that’s full speed ahead! They like the lime light and want to be right underneath of it! The 2 life path number wants nothing to do with being noticed. They want to stay clear of the limelight at all costs!

By observing the life path number which is based upon your date of birth we can draw pretty good conclusions as to who is a good match and who isn’t. Or can we?

There are 4 core numbers that I look at in a birth chart. The first is the life path number derived from your date of birth. The second is your expression number which is derived from your birth name. This is where your talents lie. The third is your Hearts Desire number which is also derived from your birth name. This is the number which shows us your passions. Then we have your birth day number as well.

It is possible to share incompatible life path numbers but still get along very well. If you have other core numbers which are compatible you can often over come the challenges typically faced with incompatible life path numbers. So in the case of someone who has a 1 life path number and their partner who has a 2 life path number, they might find common ground if their expression numbers or their hearts desire numbers are natural matches. They can meet on middle ground this way.

We cannot simply say that if you are a 1, 5 or 7 that you will be compatible. That would be like saying because you are an Aries you will get along with another Aries! The science of Numerology and Astrology are so complex that they embrace so many facets of who we are. There are so many pieces to the puzzle that either makes or breaks your relationship. Where your Numerology chart is determined by your date of birth and your birth name, your Astrological chart is determined by the time of your birth and the position of the planets when you were born.

In order to really see if your relationship is destined to work or not,  you really do need to consider all of the four core numbers in your birth chart  that create your soul’s contract or your blueprint for your life.

For a full description of each life path number be sure to check out my website at http://www.annperrynumerologist.com/life-path-number/

You can also view this video I have produced for you!

So how do we know if this difficult time in our relationship is a lifetime issue or simply a passing phase?

When I do relationship compatibility readings I look firstly at the full Numerology charts of each person. Who are you? What are your passions? What are your lessons? What karmic debts are affecting you right now?  Then I look at how the two of your charts blend together. Very seldom do I see two charts that are completely incompatible. You are brought together for a reason! Something attracted you to one another in the first place.

The next thing I look for in a Relationship Compatibility Reading is where you both are in your personal years. Maybe you are in a personal year of one and keen to get new things started while your partner is in a year of 9 which is all about winding things up and releasing things that are no longer serving you well. Your personal year is determined by your date of birth.

The nine year epicycle is an enormous tool in assisting us in our relationships. Understanding that each year holds a very distinctive vibration is key. If your partner is in a personal year of 7 it might explain why he/she is not really “present” right now. The year of 7 pulls a person into a 12 month cycle of quiet reflection and causes them to retreat into their “caves!”  If you are in a personal year of 2 you might be feeling really tired this year. You just want to hang out on the couch with your partner while spending some quiet time together. But what happens if your partner is in a personal year of 3 which says they are feeling energetic and social?  This can leave you both feeling at odds and if you don’t realize that this IS just a phase you may be inclined to determine the fate of your relationship based upon how the temporary phases are affecting you as a couple right now.

If you understand how the 9 year epicycle affects you, then you have a natural appreciation for how it will also affect your partner and the reality that this too shall pass!

If you are at odds right now, be sure to check out where you both are in this 9 year cycle. Maybe this is just a phase. Let’s face it! Some years are just better than others! But before you make any hasty decisions around the future of your relationship, you owe it to yourselves to check out where you both are. Be sure to check out my website for a description of the 9 year cycle. http://www.annperrynumerologist.com/epicycles/

I have also produced this video for you that will lead you through the Epicycles year by year!

Ready to explore a Relationship Compatibility Reading? Click HERE for more details!

Ann Perry
Professional Numerologist