What is the Heart's Desire Number and How Does it Differ From Other Numbers?

The Heart's Desire number is often referred to as the Soul's Urge Number. It identifies what you truly want out of life but because it is the 3rd core number it holds less intensity than the 1st core number being the Life path number. The Heart's Desire number is often difficult to feel. In this video, we explore how the Heart's Desire number differs from the Life Path and Expression Number.

3 Ways Numerology Can Crush Your Fears

A basic understanding of the cycles affecting your everyday experience goes a long way to helping you feel more confident and less fearful. Recognizing the sub lessons and main lesson in your life path number helps you to understand that life isn't happening TO you! Life is happening THROUGH you! Knowing what your talents and gifts are can be a super confidence builder. All of this can be explored through your Numerology.