4 Week Numerology Keener Course


This workshop is designed to teach you the basics of Numerology while working on your chart. I call it an "Experiential Reading" as it is in fact a reading but it expands over 4 weeks so that you can fully understand your chart and also start working on charts of people you are interested in too if you like.

I learn better by doing. I think most people do! 

Each week I teach a different topic.

I finished a 6 week intensive introductory numerology course with Ann Perry. Initially I met Ann at a Life Expo in Truro, NS in the spring of 2015 when I had a 5 minute numerology reading done. She was so accurate about the things happening in my life that I booked a full reading with her. I found Ann to be so open and approachable that it made the experience that much more exciting. When I saw she was offering a course I immediately signed up and have no regrets!! The class was filled with amazing ladies who all had something different and unique to offer as well as lots of laughter. As an instructor, Ann was fabulous. She made the whole process of online learning interesting and exciting. She kept the language simple to understand and if there were any questions she was right there to offer support either via the group or if you were shy she was always available via email. We received handouts that explained the strong points even further. I definitely recommend ANY class Ann Perry is offering as the knowledge you obtain is something you will carry for life!”
— Thank you Ann!!

Each Week I Teach A Different Topic

Week 1: Life Path Numbers & Learning How to Speak Numbers
This week we explore your life path number and all of the nuances attached to it. We learn the   vibrations of each number from 1-9 and also the master numbers 11-22
This week gives you a great beginning to speaking numbers. You will begin to associate various traits with each number which can be applied to all sorts of areas! Really fun!

Week 2:  Expression Numbers & Birth Day numbers
This week we learn why you chose your expression number and how it can benefit you and your life path. We explore all Expression numbers from 1-9 + master numbers.
We also explore the “bonus” day which is your birth day. The birth day holds some hidden value as well.

Week 3:  Heart’s Desire & Karmic Debts.
This week we discover your heart’s desire. What makes you happy? What is it you should focus on to bring your life fulfillment? We explore each Heart’s desire number from 1-9 + master numbers so you’ll have a full understanding of them.
Karmic debts anyone? Let’s see if you are working on any karma from previous lifetimes! What bad behavior are you paying dearly for in this lifetime?!

Week 4:  The 9 year epicycle.
Which personal year are you in? How is it affecting you and how can you get the best from it? How is your birth name affecting this experience? We also explore trends that you have experienced in your past that ummmm…left a mark! When did they start? When did they end? What were you meant to learn from them? SUPER interesting!!!

Because this work attracts a global clientele, fees are charged in US dollars.
Canadian clients please note, for ease of booking you are charged in $US.
I will incur the tax that would normally be applied to that fee.

Unlock Your Karmic Lessons & Debts With Numerology!


Included in your Numerology Keeners – 4 Week Course

1 full written chart uncovering your birth code
PDF documents for each component with full explanations of each
PDF templates to download and print
Recording of each session (not guaranteed as technology via Skype can be an issue in recording but I seldom have issues!)
8 hours of uninterrupted individual attention from me!

Certificate of Completion via PDF document.

Email access to me during your course so all of your questions get answered.

Cost: $495.00 US

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